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  1. Hi all! Just wondering if anyone has any of Huw Stephens' Free Download that he used to to? Would be great help if anyone could help?
  2. Does anybody know this bed? or know where to find it?
  3. Zane was and still is my main inspiration for starting radio and presenting, love the man. Wish him all the best for everything. Best ending ever.
  4. Good idea! 15 so dont really have that much money..
  5. I was about to put something about this! Louise from Made In Chelsea was meant to be in for Innuendo Bingo yesterday but she couldn't make it so Greg had to fill in for her
  6. Yep! I've found loads of R1 bits on this site! All ones i thought were made in-house. A few of the music beds like the ones that Reggie named are on there, may other R1 bits can be found if you dig deep!
  7. Hey all nerds, found some beds that presenters use or have been used on trails! http://theimagingcloud.com/browse/all/ Can sign up for free
  8. CONFIRMED: No AAA will happen this year... I tweeted Aled about it a moment ago and he replied straight away. So, no AAA this year...
  9. I was thinking this earlier! No DJs talking about it that much and thought that they might of put a few trails up on air by now :/ The only month that makes us nerds happy!
  10. Less than a week to go now until Grimmy tells us where Big Weekend 2015 will be held! Any predictions on where it might be this year or who might be preforming?
  11. Hi there guys! I am just wondering if anybody has anything recent or old from Dance Anthems. Does not matter what presenter it is. I'm on the hunt for Ids/sweepers, beds, intros things like that I have recent R1 things to give back! Thank you!
  12. Hi harrysmyth Is this what you're looking for? 5.mp3
  13. Great r4ll! Since everyone else is uploading there new Radio 1 stuff here, why not me huh? Heres what I've got of the new stuff so far! If you want any clean just ask! For the news things, I have them so the beds go on for about two minutes Radio 1 2015 Mix.mp3
  14. Yay! Great thanks TylerandMoo ! Also r4ll, what you have seems great, but is it just me or does the download not work? :cry:
  15. Okay... Not sure if I am a fan or not. I do like it but i am not sure on the tune that features throughout! Will have to listen tomorrow to decide!
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