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  1. Not sure this "Friday is the weekend" thing was actually means tested but I could be wrong. As alluded to above, Friday is just a workday for many people & this just creates confusion, particularly with the Weekend Breakfast show on a Friday. Inconsistent & weeeeirdddd. I'd love to see Cooper properly shake the schedule up, I do think a significant amount of R1's output seems rather half-arsed and some new blood to replace the likes of Matt Edmondson would be simply delightful, particularly if the replacement was someone like Jordan or Maya (or both?!)
  2. Sounds a bit.. 2012..... quite nicely done, actually. But only quite. The stinger FX (?) lacks the oomph it did in the 2015 refresh. And, no disrespect to him, but Scott sounds incredibly rushed and voiceovery. Eek. I wanted to love this, I promise.
  3. Unfortunately (this applies to jingles and everything else too) R1 is falling victim to radio becoming increasingly formulaic & attention grabbing without offering anything genuinely entertaining or distinctive. Rather than complementing Spotify playlists, it needs to continually actively oppose them. I really think Greg's breakfast show is going to pull that off in a way we haven't seen yet.
  4. I wondered the same, but I doubt they'd let that happen - it would be too inconsistent & backwards now. I reckon the audio imaging will be pretty similar to current.
  5. I don't think anybody chooses to leave The X Factor & The Radio 1 Breakfast Show, but the way it's been played out has made it seem like these are Nick's choices - something I doubt.
  6. Can confirm this for sure, I saw him as he finished his show. Smelled amazing.
  7. Completely agree. An element of complacency crept in & the initial production team slowly melted away, leaving little dynamic content on a daily basis (like FashIan & Showbot). What has Breakfast actually DONE since 2015?
  8. You may find something you're after that's similar on Emergency Production Music or The Imaging Cloud, I'd vouch for those two websites for sure.
  9. This is really, really exciting stuff. I can't wait to see what Greg brings to breakfast. Not only is he a safe pair of hands, and a genuinely brilliant presenter, he's creative and he clearly has a love for radio, something that seems unfortunately few and far between in radio! Nick was ace at breakfast, but a few thoughts - firstly, can Radio 1 afford to have him on drivetime, the time when it's likely the most adults will be listening, based on his RAJARs? At the end of the day, it's the adults in charge of the radios in cars / coaches etc, so this could really hit their figures. I do wonder what it'll be like for Nick without Fiona, but Annie & Nick are great with their handovers, so it'll be very natural. As for Greg, I'm over the moon for him!! You've never seen another R1 presenter put so much in. Never. A primetime BBC One show, a book contract, a podcast, cricket coverage on TV & 5Live, his big features like Rent A Greg (which I debuted on last year).... it's inspirational to see that even when you're at the top of your game, you've got to get your arse in gear and do what others won't, even if it means sacrificing some friends / lots of sleep. I'm also very relieved R1 hasn't decided to throw another bloody celebrity into the mix (I was really concerned it might be a Scarlet Moffat or Maya Jama kind of affair). I genuinely couldn't have thought of a better candidate for the job & I can't help but wonder a few things: will Chris Smith be joining Greg? what's the production team going to be like? will features (Ten Minute Takeover) be carried over? is WiseBuddah going to do another big jingle package or something? God I can't wait to hear the audio branding, what a loser. In short, a great choice by R1 and a firm favourite among the listeners.
  10. Leaving personal politics of me finding Edmonson an utter utter prick, he should work TWO DAYS a week. Nick works five. Therefore, even if Nick has had 20 days off, he has not worked for just 5.5% of his allocated show time. Matt would have not worked for 13.4% of his allocated show time. ______ As a separate note, I feel as though Radio 1 is becoming rapidly sanitised and Capital-like. The personal connection between listener and presenter as presented by Moyles, Fearne, Greg and Scott has been totally ruined by Amfo and the awful weekend line-up, which leaves literally not a single moment of desirable radio across the whole weekend. So, if you were to ask me if holiday leave was too generous in 2011/2012, I'd say, yes, we love the presenters and hearing them leave disrupts our schedules / feels weird. Frankly, that point no longer remains. People just don't care enough anymore. I'm off to Radio 2.
  11. I think Newsbeat should be rebranded The Sun and the biased BBC should stop being so damn scared and replace Ben Cooper with that nice Rupert Murdoch fella - it's time things were shaken up a bit. Playlist to consist of just the national anthem and football chants. Change the station logo to a 1 that slants right rather than left. The public have spoken and it's time to respect their wishes.
  12. Can't help but feel that slot should be a more magazine-style show. Ain't cutting it for me with the drivelling long, winding, loud links. I'd suggest Rylan and Matt doing it together (not like I'd listen to that carcrash radio) if R1 is going for this angle. Whatever angle that is.
  13. All of these questions' answers are mere guesses in this thread, so don't take them as read. All dependent on availability of studios, but usually the breakfast show will come from 82A or the one opposite, with pre-records coming from the studios closest to the green room.
  14. Hmmm.... seems to be suppressing creativity and flexibility of stations up and down the country, and has arguably led to the complete sanitation of commercial radio. Let's hope the BBC remains distinctive(ly ahead of its competition) btw, OP, you used the wrong "it's" every single time. Doesn't need an apostrophe. That's not a dig, just a point.
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