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  1. The 8th. That 9-11 timeslot would be perfect for an edgy scott and chris type show, hiring the 3 from Kiss seems like an odd move to a nighttime show of that nature, so it could happen
  2. I don't know why but I have a weird feeling they're moving shows, not stations, but shows
  3. I'm shook http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2018/r1-weekend-friday
  4. i would listen tbh, Charlie is fab
  5. Looks like most played is here to stay on a Sunday at 6
  6. I personally LOVE 6 Music, it's calm and the alternative music can be so good to listen to in the background!
  7. Big boss Ben did say that Radio 1 is different because it listens to the listeners, maybe the longer specialist shows were boring listeners? I know people who love radio 1 but go to other stations of a night/evening because of the shift in music, while this hasn't really changed, I think Charlie Sloth's new show is a massive game changer for youth radio if executed correctly! I'm really looking forward to that show and listening to radio 1 of an evening!
  8. I loved Luke, his voice is amazing, so unique, love it!
  9. Just to add to this, Chris isn't in Scott's title on the usual show, maybe it's just a case of Roman being the more famous name so to get listeners they're like OMG FAMOUS NAME, PLASTER THE WALLS!
  10. It's a new track called King Kong by Icarus
  11. I wouldn't be shocked if Phils off, the whole Sunday evening is pretty underlistened to, but I'd like to see Annie go back to dance, I prefer Jam on in the evening, much more energy!!
  12. I agree the internet takeover was utter rubbish! BUT look back at the time Dan & Phil did Sunday evenings, they were fantastic! Dan especially, look at the likes of Cel Spellman, he's a great TV presenter but isn't made for radio, that's the show I think Dan & Phil should take
  13. I agree, I think Annie's great but not right for that show, Jam is way better at Mon-Thur 7-9, Danny can go back to just saturdays cause he's a bit meh, and I'd like Annie to do more daytime stuff as she's a great presenter but way more suited to daytimes somewhere! Also, time for the rock show to bugger off so we can have Dan & Phil back!
  14. Hope it's in the middlands, radio 1 disown us alot XD
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