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  1. The 8th. That 9-11 timeslot would be perfect for an edgy scott and chris type show, hiring the 3 from Kiss seems like an odd move to a nighttime show of that nature, so it could happen
  2. I don't know why but I have a weird feeling they're moving shows, not stations, but shows
  3. I'm shook http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2018/r1-weekend-friday
  4. i would listen tbh, Charlie is fab
  5. Looks like most played is here to stay on a Sunday at 6
  6. I personally LOVE 6 Music, it's calm and the alternative music can be so good to listen to in the background!
  7. Big boss Ben did say that Radio 1 is different because it listens to the listeners, maybe the longer specialist shows were boring listeners? I know people who love radio 1 but go to other stations of a night/evening because of the shift in music, while this hasn't really changed, I think Charlie Sloth's new show is a massive game changer for youth radio if executed correctly! I'm really looking forward to that show and listening to radio 1 of an evening!
  8. I loved Luke, his voice is amazing, so unique, love it!
  9. Just to add to this, Chris isn't in Scott's title on the usual show, maybe it's just a case of Roman being the more famous name so to get listeners they're like OMG FAMOUS NAME, PLASTER THE WALLS!
  10. It's a new track called King Kong by Icarus
  11. I wouldn't be shocked if Phils off, the whole Sunday evening is pretty underlistened to, but I'd like to see Annie go back to dance, I prefer Jam on in the evening, much more energy!!
  12. I agree the internet takeover was utter rubbish! BUT look back at the time Dan & Phil did Sunday evenings, they were fantastic! Dan especially, look at the likes of Cel Spellman, he's a great TV presenter but isn't made for radio, that's the show I think Dan & Phil should take
  13. I agree, I think Annie's great but not right for that show, Jam is way better at Mon-Thur 7-9, Danny can go back to just saturdays cause he's a bit meh, and I'd like Annie to do more daytime stuff as she's a great presenter but way more suited to daytimes somewhere! Also, time for the rock show to bugger off so we can have Dan & Phil back!
  14. Hope it's in the middlands, radio 1 disown us alot XD
  15. Radio 1 are a different ball game to commercial radio, which is seen with sexual being turned to sensual (but no idea where they source that kind of edit though) Most of the muted swear words are added by the promo companies and record labels, we have some email us for the community station I work at, they prove the original track and a clean radio edit, from what I can tell all these radio edits sound the same so if it's deemed ok by the music team they'll just use the version sent to them like we do.
  16. Grab your towels, it's time to come together!
  17. All this talk of making the target audience higher, lower etc... but what are you all hoping would happen, music taste is different in ever human alive, some R1 presenters are way over the TA but are still there, to me, you either like radio 1 for the music and presenters or you don't, go over to radio x if you want some rock
  18. I listen to 3 shows on Radio 1 every week, Scott, Alice & Cel, those are the shows that have great presenters and content at the moment, I know where everyone comes from with Cel but he always has something going on on his show! So I will not be persuaded otherwise on this matter.
  19. Yeah, they may not be doing great on the ratings but the BBC can't deny that radio 1 still has millions of listeners! The community station I work for survives on an average 7 listeners per show I can't see radio 1 being destroyed as a station altogether, but I can't help but see 1xtra going first surely??
  20. Yeah I think the above is more than likely something we'll be seeing sometime soon, but I'd love to see Dan & Phil return to radio 1 sometime soon as well as (everyone will kill me) Cel Spellman, his show has really grown on me lately and would really like to see him stay on either doing Sunday 4-7 or Saturday 4-7 too!
  21. It's only new to daytime, I've heard this lady on the residency shows, I do like it tho, they should use her more!
  22. Can I be the one to say this, I really want Dance Anthems off on Saturday afternoon and ANYONE in it's place! Even Cel, it's the earliest specialist show and means I have to stop listening at 4 in the afternoon, before TV picks up
  23. Here's the audio from the commentary they did for the match if anyone wants the eye candy of 11 men vs 11 men for 90 minutes then I can send you the video (but that's 2GB so be warned!) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9pN-bInYOlTODB2MVAtT09ZbjA/view?usp=sharing
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