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  1. I wonder why they're renaming Friday's Dance Anthems... unless it's something more than a rename. I've noticed in recent weeks that classic anthems have been played during the show too.
  2. Good to hear What's My Age Again and Game of Phones this week. It's added a bit of variety to the same old features.
  3. I listen to the show everyday and I love it, but theres something missing from his afternoon show that this doesn't have. I think generally the features aren't quite so interesting (whatever happened to Game of Phones?), but also I think it's missing another personality to bounce off. Greg worked really well on the afternoon show when Chris Smith and the producers got involved (particularly Grace), but theres a lack of that at the minute. Roisin is better than she was, but she's still a little bit wooden when you compare her to how Tina used to be on Nick's show.
  4. Good find! Noticed there was another new one today, they seem to churn out new ones regularly.
  5. Not the one you're looking for, but found Another: Luke DB - Let The Music Take You
  6. He seems to get new ones quite regularly. Nice find getting the track names though.
  7. 31st of December appears to be a day of Dance Anthems! Should be good!
  8. Noticed them quite a bit recently. I particularly like the one for 1999 by Charli XCX
  9. Seen this recently on Fridays Dance Anthems. Said it was off air for the hour. Of course, it was soon corrected.
  10. Sounds like Grimmy has got some new show openers...already! Surprised after only using the previous ones for less than two months
  11. Nice! Where has this come from? Also been looking for that rock bed for ages. Now I know it's from Wisebuddah!
  12. No, you're right! It changed a couple of shows in. To be fair, that countdown was ancient
  13. Nice to hear some of the old classics. I'm just waiting to see if North Star Caller returns, with Chris Smi... Santa! Also, has anyone noticed that the old ten minute takeover music keeps getting played on occasion?
  14. Sounds intriguing, will give it a listen to see how he sounds in the new slot
  15. Yeah I did too, heard it at the end of yesterdays show as well
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