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  1. Is there any news on which daytime shows are going to have to be broadcast outside of London?
  2. It's such an end of an era having Nick and Annie leave. Some of my favourite R1 memories are stories with those two, or at Glastonbury. I wonder if he is going to change career - I believe wasn't it interior design or set painting which he was interested in?
  3. Whats the deal with Sideman, now that Charlie Sloth has disappeared in a puff of smoke? Does he have a permanent contract with R1? I just assumed he was paid freelance and would go with CS?
  4. I do wonder how it works with staffing with some producers having 1 show a week , or 2 for weekends and others having 4 for week daytime shows? Do the weekend producers have to come in in the week and work on other shows? Or do the producers at weekends produce multiple shows?
  5. Her bio also says Producer now so maybe she's just been promoted? Which is why she's left Scotts show?
  6. Does anyone have a download of Greg's last show at all please? Many thanks, Harry
  7. Does anyone have a download of Greg's last show please? (both parts) The method I had to download shows isnt working any more! Many thanks in advance, Harry
  8. It really is quite a bizarre schedule change really, adding so much but without losing anyone. It is strange to have a co-host on nearly every show. There are 9 presenters on at the weekend now (10 if you count Dr Rhada) as opposed to a core of 4 required, which seems very over crowded. In the press release they are really pushing Maya Jama as the big winner here, with making her the press photo, and giving her a co-host with Scott for 1 midweek day (...how very random!), which is again another surprise for Jordan to be slightly sidelined after being used so frequently by Radio 1. We shall wait and see. Its almost like they want to make big changes but don't have the guts to fire anyone! I'm disappointed that Alice is getting a worse show, and having to co-host, as she is such a genuinely funny presenter.
  9. Did anyone record any of R1 Vintage? I love the initial 1 countdown before the Tony and Grimmy show - so many brilliant soundbites. Does anyone have a downloaded copy of it please? Many thanks.
  10. I remember that show that Moyles did - I wouldn't exactly say that "in the olden days Moyles would have covered it". It was a complete one off and remember Chris joking that he was something like 7th to be asked!
  11. Am I being really stupid....but what is TOH and BOH? Thanks in advance.
  12. I think the Ke$ha incident was wayyyy before Greg James started.
  13. Hell all, I was listening to the I love TUSU podcast and when they were talking about flings with coworkers with a caller, did anyone notice Chris cheekily mention about the fling Scott had with a coworker to be quickly silenced on the matter with a promise that it would never be discussed on air. When the girl very quickly asked if we might know them he said yes probably, suggesting someone at Radio 1?! Any guesses at who it might be?
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