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  1. If Chris said it, it could mean Chris is the one moving on sooner rather than later.
  2. Third: Chris's age. Fourth: Chris's older audience base, which would skew the average listener age upwards even further. R1 doesn't appear to care about the overall listener figure, as long as they're hitting the average listener age target.
  3. If Charlie tones down his act a bit (which he's shown he can do when he guests on Scott's show), I think he'd be a great fit on the Radio 1 side. Not saying he has to play it completely straight-laced, but it wouldn't need to be quite as over-the-top. The rate he's going now he runs into the risk of being the next Westwood in 30 years' time.
  4. The fact that you can BUY the jingle for 9.99 tells me it's not a legit Radio 1 jingle, just a knockoff someone's trying to make a quick few quid off of (well, that and the 10 spelling errors I spotted across the single page, plus the fact that some of the links on the site don't actually go anywhere)
  5. No offense to Chris because I think he's a great DJ and presenter, but if UK networks are telling him he isn't camera-friendly then he's got no chance in hell of landing a gig on TV in America. He was rumored to be in talks with Sirius satellite radio a couple years ago, and I have to admit that I'd probably re-subscribe if they brought him on board.
  6. He's only been going for six months straight. I can go for a bit without Tap End, however I hope it returns later in the year.
  7. The anchor woman on the Today Show on NBC compared him to Hugh Grant on-air this morning. They all seemed to genuinely like Chris' questioning, so it might be just a matter of time for him.
  8. There's so little going on with the show these days they probably haven't replaced Emlyn at all.
  9. So it probably doesn't get much geekier than this, but anyone have any sort of clue what kind of audio processing Radio 1 does on their output? I heard Bastille's "Pompeii" a few dozen times on Radio 1 before I bought it, and was amazed at how much was absent from what I was hearing on Radio 1 (and no it wasn't a different mix).
  10. The writing is so on the wall for Scott's show. It's the same day after day. Very little listener interaction, no guests, same predictable segments over and over again. It's just a matter of time now, sadly.
  11. Sad to see Beccy go, but hopefully this allows her more time to take care of herself. She was one of the best parts of Scott's show over the past four years, and will be deeply missed.
  12. I gave the show a listen on iPlayer. It was good to hear him, however his style doesn't fit the bulk of the format. Everything's so stodgy and staid that Dave seemed out of place. That said, he did great on the interviews.
  13. A producer's job is to work behind the scenes.
  14. I have to admit I'm really loving it a lot more than I thought I would. When Mills leaves he'll have a second career making legit music. That, and finally publishing "Tap End".
  15. I hope this "podcast not available outside the United Kingdom" thing doesn't become a trend.
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