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  1. Saw this on my profile as I haven't logged in for years. Very interesting looking at the list at the top and seeing which ones were right and wrong. I suppose most interesting is how many are still at the station! Also well done to Viv for correctly predicting Zane would go to America!
  2. haha yeah, I didn't have anything that big to say till the latest schedule changes so thought I'd get involved again! Yeah I think Jordan has being doing a great job and obviously Scott, Chris Moyles, Adele Roberts and lots more have all come from commercial so definitely more ground. Although I never listen to commercial so I'd have no idea of who is good (I just know Roman Kemp is terrible).
  3. Totally agree on the podcast front. I like Lauren and Ed because they're genuinely funny comedians. I'd love to see more people from student radio or the podcast world get a shot! It's a bit ridiculous how Greg James is pretty much the only presenter they've ever plucked from student radio. I'm looking forward to hearing Ben Partridge's show particular as he's from the podcast world!
  4. Personally I'm really glad that its Clara, she is a brilliant presenter (one of the best on the station) and will fit the slot perfectly. I used to love Alice in the evenings, but her weekend show as really struggled, 3 hours by herself seems to be quite a struggle. Also swapping Alice for Fearne is basically swapping like for like, 2 white, pretty girls who started out in TV presenting... As for Fearnes show, I won't miss her massively, listening to her say "ERMMMM" louder than she says every other word in a link is really excruciating. Also the content is really quite minimal, listening to her pretending to play "new music" is really quite tough to listen to, she plays the same f*****g play listed music as everyone else on the station! Good luck to Clara. Rant over.
  5. Really sad that Zane is going, his show is one of the best around and his interviews are one of a kind, particularly Jay Z, Kanye, Eminem, Rick Rubin and Chris Martin, such ease during his interviews and doesn't use prompts, just his memory. Also his masterpiece series is pretty incredible, definitely pushing the boundaries of radio by playing out entire albums on air. Really excited for Annie's new show though, she'll be a brilliant replacement, it will be interesting to see what she does though with some of the features. I was quite surprised she took it though considering her busy DJ career which has extended to America now. Super happy for Phil though, he really needed more than 1 hour a week, particularly as one of the best specialist DJ's on the station. I don't think Scott is going anytime soon, I think we still have 1-2 more years of him on the station, I think he might make it to 20 years on Daytime. (Does anyone know the record for longest daytime DJ?)
  6. I hope they do it again as its always good fun and I think the dh's and teams enjoy the extra interaction/ platforms that they get from doing it. Also it gives some people a chance to go into the studios for some events. But I suppose its a lot of work for not that much.
  7. Hi guys, didn't see the point in creating a new topic for this as its all football. But will anyone be recording the Scott and Chris commentary this evening? Please say yes, thanks!
  8. here is the full schedule... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/L6PQ2p6R4JM13Tn6MKxg2T/radio-1-and-1xtra-announce-schedule-changes interesting to see that monki's show is repeated on a saturday night and diplo and friends has been pushed back so late! But i guess diplo and friends is like the essential mix and so mainly gets its listeners on iPlayer.
  9. To be honest I agree, she doesn't seem to actually be enjoying it right now, just not as much passion as she used to have, or connection with the station! Almost 10 years since she started on radio 1, I think it's time for her move to a new slot or take some more time off until she really wants to be on the station! Think she's more passionate about telly and her kid... speculation as well of course!!!!!
  10. I have mixed emotions about this... Huw definitely deserves this slot, its the John Peel slot after all and will really suit him, think this was the slot he was destined for instead of weekend afternoons! However i will be really sad to see the end of Phil and Alices show, it was one of my favourites on the station and has only been on for 18 months! Really angry about Phil's situation!! shouldn't be this way!!! Back in 2012 he was doing loads of cover, then it seems to have just slowed down with the energy being put into Alice.. I really like Alice but i don't get why Phil couldn't have gone with her, or done a joint show with Huw.. just seems outrageous! I am genuinely really upset about this! I don't really get the Sunday night rock show thing... Yes Rock is big but not really sure why it needs to be on a Sunday night, and if so why keep Dan p Carter, don't rate him that much! Quite glad about the Dan and Phil move, it didn't really work their old slot, but having said that they still do deserve a slot. Think Dev getting an extra hour is a positive! The night time specialist shows apart from Skream have all had massive gains and wins! Rob Da Bank is definitely 6music material now, where he can play whatever he wants from whatever genre! Glad to see them all get 3 hour shows though! Also I assume the Essential mix is now 4-6am? Bit late in my opinion. Shame about Monki not being on radio 1 and just 1Xtra now, but it is ultimately a positive as its earlier and longer! Think Skream moving was a good idea, who wants 2 hours of techno and house directly after Pete's 2 hours of house... yes Skream went darker but big deal! Finally glad Scott is staying for a bit longer.. it wouldn't surprise me if there was a Grimmy/ Greg swap soon but maybe not just yet..
  11. I agree about Fearne's lack of passion, he show has taken a massive dip, the cover should never be better than the actual show, however all of Fearne's covers are better!! On another note anyone hear scott on Zane last night http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01wtv8k really top show and thought it should be noted when Zane said "Scott you're sounding really great right now" this is very true, is show is still sounding one of the freshest which for a 41 year old is very impressive!!
  12. Really agree, I've listened to a lot of fearne lately and she is sounding rubbish and dull, only interesting by was sound clash and that was because of zane!
  13. You'll hate me for this, but I'm actually enjoying Gemma on earlies!!
  14. While painting a lot lately I've listened to plenty of radio, fearne's shoe has very little content, it's fine just could be improved, just cus it's a music show doesn't mean it can't have more personality! Scott's show sounds so good ATM!!! Greg's show is actually very bland! Listening to Huw on Friday was a surprisingly a better listen than Greg on Thursday, Huw has improved a lot! Greg as much as I love him has slowed a little!
  15. Has anyone added it up since she came back from maternity leave, its so much!! She's only been back 6 months!!! She only does about 4 hours of work a day, she arrives at 9 and leaves at 1!
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