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  1. Here is a list of the current Radio 1 production team: Editor (Daytime): Jocelin Editor (Evenings): Andy Worrell Editor (Weekends): Aled Haydn-Jones R1 Breakfast- Toria (Producer), Fiona (AP), Chris Sawyer (AP) Adele Roberts- Rhodri Jones Clara- Julie Shepherd Scott- Will Foster (P), Roushan Alam (AP) Greg- Ian Chaloner (P), Jenny (AP) Annie Mac- Matt Fincham Annie Mac on Friday / Dance Anthems- Pippa Dev- Lanre Leandre Matt- Chris Cox (P), Travis Walby (AP) Alice- Kate Davy (P) Chart- Sarah Bailey
  2. Nick Grimshaw is officially confirmed as a judge on the X Factor.So you can expect a whole lot of Scott on Breakfast until Christmas.Think it's quite likely Scott will take over Breakfast on Friday's formally September-December after Grimmys last August break.Matt Edmundson in for Scott on weekday afternoons.A shame the Chart starts in July, Friday could have been a good testing ground for Greg.
  3. BTW nothing will be refitted or refurbed in NBH for years. Apart from the disgusting toilets.
  4. Western House has the most comfortable studios in the whole BBC complex. Nice lightings, proper seating, warm and cosy. Plus unlike Radio 1 you have a proper coffee machine.
  5. - Adele Roberts new host of Radio 1's Early Breakfast Show - Gemma Cairney appointed Radio 1's social action presenter, hosting The Surgery (Wednesdays, 9-10pm) alongside Dr Radha, as well as presenting special documentaries for Radio 1 and 1Xtra Stories (Tuesday, 9-10pm). - Alex Haydn-Jones to leave Radio 1 Gemma Cairney, who currently hosts Radio 1’s Early Breakfast Show, will become Radio 1's social action presenter, hosting The Surgery (Wednesdays, 9-10pm) alongside Dr Radha, as well as presenting special documentaries for Radio 1 and 1Xtra Stories (Tuesday, 9-10pm). On 1Xtra, new signing to the station, Jamz Supernova will present a new RnB weekly Saturday afternoon show (4-7pm) and 1Xtra's A.Dot, who joined the station in 2014, will become the new presenter of 1Xtra's 1-4pm weekend show. Adele Roberts says: “This is a dream come true! I've absolutely loved every minute of working at 1Xtra and I'm now honoured to be part of the Radio 1 early morning crew, and I hope I can fill the headphones of the radio greats that have sat in that seat before. I know how incredible the listeners are and I can't wait to get started.†Jamz Supernova says: “I'm really happy and excited to officially be a part of the 1Xtra family and I can't wait to get the 1Xtra listeners ready for Saturday evening with a future fresh sound!†Gemma Cairney says: "I have always been humbled and inspired by the honesty and warmth of The Surgery, in many ways for me it's Radio 1 at its most magic. A safe space, where you can ask anything, talk freely about what's troubling you, what's on our minds and in our hearts. I'm ecstatic! To be the new host is a total honour.†Rhys Hughes, Head of Programmes, Radio 1 & 1Xtra says: “I’m delighted that Adele will be waking up the UK’s early risers on Radio 1’s Early Breakfast Show and I know that Gemma will bring a wealth of social action experience to her new role on The Surgery. With new signing Jamz Supernova, a new show dedicated to RnB and A.Dot becoming a bigger part of the station’s weekend schedule - this is an exciting look for 1Xtra.†The new schedule will take effect from early June.
  6. Cel Spellman seems to be branching out and doing adult stuff eg. Cucumber. So I don't think he will want it to be CBBC on the radio.
  7. Loved him starting with Turn the Page, the playlist was incredible.
  8. Nick Grimshaw ain't going anywhere unless he wants to. He has the best demographics on the network (bar Dan and Phil). Greg James audience is actually pretty skewed towards over 30s which is worrying for him.
  9. I imagine they will stick it where it is until bigger changes later in the year. When Fearne goes soon Alice will move to weekdays and Clara can do weekend afternoons. Awkward timing for radio 1 though, Dan and Phil would have suited the Sunday 4-7 slot perfectly.
  10. I work in the Production pool now. There nothing really floating around as its all (obv) given away. Just go to the BBC Shop in NBH and get a mug. There are also some Radio 1 DJ postcards in the peel wing reception.
  11. Huw will be in for Nick Grimshaw on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show from the 5-9th January. Presume Grimmy back January 12th for the new year. (Fact Huw is on Breakfast might mean New Music takeover that week)
  12. I reckon it will be more of a 2003/4 feel, more corporate with the original Lambje Nairn news channel mix being an element. This theme will be used on the Global Newsbeat shows which will be launching soon on the World News Channel and World Service. This is the one I meant:
  13. Radio 1 have announced a new "costcutting" schedule. Highlights include: - Night of the long knives at Radio 1 as Edith Bowman, Nihal, Mike Davies, Rob Da Bank, Jen Long, Ally McCrae, CJ Beatz, Crissy Criss and Robbo Ranx all ditched. - Alice Levine joins weekend afternoons - Huw Stephens takes over the Phil and Alice show - Dan and Phil ditched from Sunday nights, moved to 1 hour weeknight show - New Radio 1 rock show after the Chart Show, with Daniel P Carter. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/L6PQ2p6R4JM13Tn6MKxg2T/radio-1-and-1xtra-announce-schedule-changes Full statement: BBC Radio 1 today announces a new three-hour Rock Show with Daniel P Carter on Sunday night from 7-10pm, following The Official Chart. An alternative to the various Sunday night TV talent competitions, the new show is part of changes to the station’s specialist music and weekend schedules. Alice Levine will be hosting a new weekend afternoon show from 1-4pm, as part of a continuing strategy to develop new, young presenting talent for the BBC. There will also be an extended late evening programme from Monday to Wednesday which will be hosted by Huw Stephens from 10pm-1am and will focus on new music, including BBC Introducing content from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the English regions between 12midnight–1am. There will be a new Monday 9-10pm show for Dan & Phil, with the show being fully visualised, Radio 1 Stories (documentary strand) moves to Tuesday 9-10pm, and Radio 1’s Surgery has a new slot on Wednesday 9-10pm. Phil Taggart will be on air Thursday nights from 9-10pm with a new music show. Radio 1Xtra has a new look to the weekday 10pm shows with Monki starting a new show on Monday 10pm-1am, a new show for Sian Anderson on Wednesday and Seani B on Thursdays. On Saturday afternoon, female rapper A.Dot joins 1Xtra with a new show from 4-7pm. It will also mean that Radio 1 & 1Xtra will say goodbye to some familiar faces. Edith Bowman, Nihal, Mike Davies, Rob Da Bank, Jen Long, Ally McCrae, CJ Beatz, Crissy Criss and Robbo Ranx, will all be signing off. Radio 1 & 1Xtra thanks them all for their hard work and commitment to the stations over many years. These changes, which are due to begin on 1 September, enable Radio 1 & 1Xtra to deliver some of the savings they are being asked to make as part of the wider BBC’s financial challenges following the last Licence Fee settlement. Tough decisions have been made but the strategy remains for the stations to continue to innovate and invent new ways to reach their younger audience. Ben Cooper, Controller, Radio 1 & 1Xtra, said: “These cuts to our budget are hurting, it means I have had to make some tough choices and say goodbye to some friends and respected colleagues. I believe these new schedules continue to innovate, reflect and celebrate the UK’s youth and music culture.†In other changes, Skream joins Radio 1’s Residency, which plays host to some of the biggest names and emerging new talent in the dance world and moves to a new three-hour slot at 10pm Thursday. B.Traits joins Radio 1’s Friday night dance line-up from 1-4am, following Annie Mac (7-10pm) and Pete Tong (10pm-1am), who are both extended by an hour. There is also an extra hour for Dev on Radio 1 Weekend Breakfast (6-10am) and Clara Amfo on 1Xtra Weekend Breakfast (6-10am). Daniel P Carter said: “To be starting the show directly after the announcement of the UK number one is obviously amazing and to be in the position where my show is an alternative option to the Simon Cowell circus is also a beautiful thing. If that's your bag then all good, but I'm stoked that The Rock Show will be in a slot that reflects the importance of a genre that is now, and always will be, in great shape because it is everything to the people that love it.†Alice Levine said: “In the 18 months since I joined Radio 1 I've already had so many incredible experiences. And now to be given a weekend daytime show really is a huge privilege. Bring on September!†Huw Stephens said: “Night-time is a special time at Radio 1, and there is a strong tradition of supporting new artists, so I am delighted to be presenting a new show that will play excellent music and champion BBC Introducing artists as we end the day together.â€
  14. Chris Moyles did a couple of as live pre-records. The 2004 xmas day show was in a pub with Charlotte Church.
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