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  1. Is Chris a bit too young to watch Fifty Shades of Grey?
  2. What is the Full original track for Innuendo Bingo? I don't trade too often.
  3. Since it's Sunday night. Can you Record Sunday with Scott and Chris show sitting in for Dan and Phil please and please send it to us.
  4. Do you have a working link for the Radio 1 Stories Documentary of the Perfect Football Single as well?
  5. Can I have a mp3 copy of Radio1 documentary of the Perfect Football Single, I missed the first half of it and my battery was dying, I have work tomorrow and I coudn't listen off of the second half of it, I will be gladly appreciate if you please record it.
  6. Radio 1 Stories Documentary and I already had the Single.
  7. Hey, I missed the Making of the Perfect Football Single, does anyone have a MP3 for the Football Single, i really want this my iPod to have this forever.



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