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  1. Scott is off to Eurovision soon so it might have something to do with that.
  2. The Scott & Chris show is highlights. Currently going over Ghostbusters.
  3. Scott's show is sounding the best it's been in AGES. Maya Jama has added so much to it and the features are getting better. Do miss Innuendo Bingo a bit but it was getting stale.. Edit: Also wish they had kept the dance mix on Fridays. It was a lot better and they actually played more forgotten classics.
  4. It appears to be a mix of old and new songs between 3:30-4 Mon-Thu and an "oldskool" dance mix on Friday 3:45-4.
  5. Didn't he just sign a new contract? Speaking of contracts, has Scott got a new one yet??
  6. It was really weird hearing Scott on Radio 2 but he sounded fine (even with some of the dodgy callers )
  7. Day 1 was so good! Can't wait for the rest of the tour!
  8. Whooooooooooo Having said that, I used to like his Wednesday night show on Radio 1.
  9. Sounds interesting! Does this mean the Chart Update is moving as well?
  10. I think Scott is probably safe now. They won't want to lose 3 of their popular DJs in 3 months..
  11. DJ Ace is to replace Clara Amfo on 1Xtra.
  12. False alarm. Radio 1 have confirmed Clara Amfo will be the new host 10am-1pm
  13. My first thought was Jameela but I hope not..
  14. She's also pregnant again!
  15. I'm not certain but it looks like Chris's girlfriend has had a baby!! Some people were congratulating them on Twitter.
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