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  1. Hello, not sure if many of you have noticed but the full older chart numbers with holly 1-40 is on there too
  2. Wow! Radio 1 must use this a fair bit. All their christmas sounds etc. are from here, some beds, and other random sounds! check it out. Good find EDIT They also have the parts for the chart opening! In response to beds they use, they're called 'fresh start' and 'jukebox hero'
  3. This is used over tracks, ill put up a small montage as to how they use it on the show
  4. Im not sure if there is anyone interested in the residency or specialist shows but here is some stuff I have residency intro.wav Radio 1 .wav
  5. Im kind of also thinking no, as they have done it for two consecutive years and nothing as been said as of yet.
  6. Hello everyone! I have found a clean sweeper, of course used for the big weekend recently, i will post below big weekend clean.wav
  7. Yes I do have a Gotye one with the older ident over it, if this is any good??
  8. Hello, I have got some pie tennis parts, this is just a montage but if you want full i can trade. I think somebody was asking for this a while back? Pie tennisR1.wav
  9. Hello, I have made a geeky little mini montage of the 2012/13 jingles, if you would like any feel free to PM me thanks bbcr1.wav
  10. Hi, Radio 1 uses cartwall for their jingles, http://www.scisys.co.uk/where-we-wor...artplayer.html And the same company again for their music playout http://www.scisys.co.uk/where-we-wor...r-control.html I would assume this is the same for 1Xtra and many other BBC stations hope this helps ;p
  11. im surprised i have come across a few beds that radio 1 have used from EPM!
  12. Hi, Radio 1 uses cartwall for their jingles, http://www.scisys.co.uk/where-we-work/media-broadcast/our-products/playout-systems/dira-cartplayer.html And the same company again for their music playout http://www.scisys.co.uk/where-we-work/media-broadcast/our-products/playout-systems/dira-onair-control.html hope this helps ;p
  13. Good we can see the new studios aswell maybe ;-)
  14. BBC Radio 1's big weekend in Derry~LondonDerry on May 24/25/26th 2013 BIG WEEKEND SITE
  15. hey i was wondering if you got my message?

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