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  1. I would love to hear Dan and Phil back on Radio 1 more often but no we have Cel instead.. I think there needs to be a petition...
  2. Wow, Cel Spellman for six hours... I literally can't understand what they see in him whatsoever .
  3. One question, do Dan and Phil have a regular slot at the moment?
  4. Personally I hope Cel Spellman is gone, then we could see the return of Dan and Phil. Possible even a Sunday evening Rock Show replacement?
  5. Has anyone heard Radio 1's new show which is basically CBBC Radio. I wondered whether anyone could think of any improvements for the programme, anything to make it slightly more interesting?
  6. So it's cutbacks', this is similar to how Capital produce their daytime programmes.
  7. Could be worse, could have ended up producing Alice Levine!
  8. Why would anyone want to listen to Radio 1 if Moyles was back on, I couldn't care what station he was on as long as I can hear him!
  9. "Sorry the name Radio 1 sounds too old, maybe CBBC Radio would sound better" that quote probably from someone at Radio 1.
  10. If Radio 1 actually give these two a permanent show then they might as well throw their reputation away. What has happened in the last few years?
  11. No, if she covered then I don't think I will ever listen to Radio 1 ever again in my life. She is just simply 100% cringe, please bring her back alongside Phil.
  12. I think we should start a petition, maybe on Twitter too.
  13. I totally agree with you, but I have the horrible feeling that Radio 1's management team think they are brilliant because of a few Twitter comments about them meaning they will probably put them on air regularly. If you are going to have YouTubers, please take Dan and Phil.
  14. I totally agree 100%, well said.
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