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  1. I'm recording mine with Music Editor Pro! Still happy to do that though.
  2. Awesome, signed up! What ones?
  3. I completely agree, he seems more relaxed and slower...
  4. Haha radioanorak, you were right... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-30725301
  5. Here's some stuff I've got. Sorry for the mixing, Just chucked some stuff together: Newsbeat Sep 2014 intro BBC Radio 1 stabs New Idents Main Sep Bed After Clip/Sport bed End New 2015 stuff Sweepers Some R1 stuff.wav
  6. Try Audacity or Music Editor Free
  7. Cheers for these - I hope you like your audio!
  8. Does anyone have the bed Kick Flips? I'll trade for a few new jingles.



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