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  1. I'm recording mine with Music Editor Pro! Still happy to do that though.
  2. Awesome, signed up! What ones?
  3. I completely agree, he seems more relaxed and slower...
  4. Haha radioanorak, you were right... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-30725301
  5. Here's some stuff I've got. Sorry for the mixing, Just chucked some stuff together: Newsbeat Sep 2014 intro BBC Radio 1 stabs New Idents Main Sep Bed After Clip/Sport bed End New 2015 stuff Sweepers Some R1 stuff.wav
  6. Try Audacity or Music Editor Free
  7. Cheers for these - I hope you like your audio!
  8. Does anyone have the bed Kick Flips? I'll trade for a few new jingles.
  9. London, United Kingdom - ‎BBC Reporter and Presenter at BBC News Nomia has left Newsbeat - this is her linkedin account tagline.
  10. Also Nesta McGregor and Steffan Powell read the afternoon news on Friday??
  11. A list of reporters for Newsbeat: [h=2][/h] Chris Smith (Presenter) Tina Daheley (Breakfast news presenter) Frankie McCamley Rick Kelsey Chi Chi Izundu (Entertainment) Nomia Iqbal Greg Dawson Sinead Garvan (Music) Jonathan Blake (Technology) Sophie Miller (Video) Jonathan Richards (Duty editor) Natalie Wyatt (Assistant) Steffan Powell Simon Mundie (Sport) Ben Mundy Jim Taylor (Politics) Steve Holden Del Crookes (Online duty editor) Dave Howard Jimmy Blake (Online assistant) Emma Brant (Online) Tracy Ollerenshaw (Duty editor) Nesta McGregor (Entertainment) Karlene Pinnock Natalie Goldwater (Researcher) Louise Corley (Planning) Amelia Butterly (Online) Dan Whitworth Cath Burns Hannah Morrison (Duty editor) Gabby O'Donnell (Duty editor) Declan Harvey Tamsyn Kent Louisa Compton (Editor) Kat Collins Debbie Ramsay (Acting deputy editor) Karlene Pinnock Nell Jordan-Gent (Planning) Anna Collinson James Waterhouse Benjamin Zand
  12. Yes, I have a few, Do you have anything to trade? If not, no worries, I am still willing to share them! PM me!
  13. I'd like the 2009 package too.
  14. Listen to Dev on Iplayer, new ones on his show this morning!
  15. Some more! http://www.purejingles.com/station/BBCRadio1-summer
  16. And may I ask what "the usual locations" are? May I ask too
  17. I have the clean news intro from Sunday if anyone wants it?
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