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  1. Perfect, thank you! That's the problem with the Mills podcast, you miss one and you potentially are left confused about a joke for months!
  2. So found this 2002(ish?) picture of Mills in the Radio 1 offices. I feel it should be shared with the world rather than tucked away in one of the back corridors...
  3. My knowledge of Mills in jokes is pretty solid but there's a few gaps I'm hoping you geeks can help me with. Perhaps I missed a podcast but there's still some bits I don't understand. What is drinking coffee Gangnam Style? Thanks in advance!
  4. I think Scott could be off come April. His appearance on Strictly could be introducing him to the Radio 2 audience prime for a move? I see Dev and Chris doing the show together, possibly with Bingo staying on the slot!
  5. I think Scott's shows are still extremely slick. His timings with the news are mostly flawless and the silly elements of his show (Bamboleo Wednesday, echos on the "wwwwhhhhhooooooo"s, pulling the "Yaaaassss GaGa" clips on command, the list is endless) don't even sound like they need any skill in the studio because he is so flawless with that sort of thing. He also very rarely messes up Innuendo Bingo which, again, doesn't sound like a difficult element to run technically because he doesn't make it sound difficult. These things that take skill or "slickness" to do we don't even acknowledge half the time simply because he does it so effortlessly. I doubt a looming contract end or a leaving colleague are even on his mind when he is on air doing his job.
  6. Glad you enjoyed I work at the BBC Shop and they're going on sale soon.
  7. We had a go at making our own Innuendo Bingo. Enjoy!
  8. I think the folk that work at Newsbeat are qualified journalists which (I may be wrong) I don't think Jameela is. The voiceover people are normally freelance so are paid per line, which I don't think Jameela would be into. I personally think she suits the chart quite well.
  9. I think Grimmy will be on Breakfast for a while, long enough that someone we don't even know about yet will replace him. I reckon the next major reshuffle will see no change in Breakfast, Mills will go over to Radio 2 with Dev getting his show and Chris staying on with him. Greg will stay where he is and Fearne will probably be replaced with Cairney or Levine. I'm not sure how long Zane has before Hew gets his slot.
  10. Hi Geeks, I'm needing any of the imaging used for Innuendo Bingo, wondering if anyone has any? Thank you!
  11. Hello all! It's been a while since I've visited here. I remember when people used to write about their meetings with Scott while the rest of us read with envy, I'm not sure if that's still the done thing? I'm going to write mine anyway. So a couple of months ago I got a job in the BBC Shop in New Broadcasting House (Come by and say hello please!) so I've spotted Scott around the building, rode the lift with him but never said anything! Yesterday he came into the shop with a guest (wasn't sure who he was) to buy some Radio 1 merch. We were having the standard shop assistant/ customer chat but I noticed that he kept glancing at my ID badge. After a while I asked him if he recognised me and he asked "Are you off of the Internet? Unofficial Mills? You did those videos!" Surprisingly he didn't immediately flee but was genuinely nice and amazing, asked how I was finding the job and said I was on the right path to a radio job. I told him I'm now trying to play down the whole Guru thing (those who weren't here back then, it's still on YouTube!) but he told me that we all start from somewhere. And that was it! A genuine Mills encounter and after the meeting I kind of feel he is worried less about a weird kid on YouTube stalking him. Although we're now colleagues ;p
  12. Haha that was you crying!? I was about fourth from the front of the que that was outside so I just about caught you. I got there at 9:30ish and it was quite busy! He was actual so nice, I was pleasantly surprised!
  13. Guess who I met! He was nicer than I thought he would be, especially when revealed myself as the Guru! He shook my hand and told me I was doing well and should carry on. Well that's what my friend told me, it was all a bit of a blur! I turned into a 15 year old fanatic all over again.
  14. I'll copy your formula for success. Can't wait!
  15. I got my copy today! They ID'd me for my copy at Winton W H Smiths because someone else had ordered another copy to the store. Was it one of you chaps? Hope to see some geeks at Castlepoint on Satuday!
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