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  1. Just realised the guy who plays Rob the boss from Scott Mills the Musical is the guy in the Barclay card advert with the toys and James Cordan as a monkey.
  2. I'm loving Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service on 6Music, he has quite a sexy voice on radio and plays some great alternative music you won't hear on any other station.
  3. Read this book in a day, couldn't put it down. Funny, moving, interesting and just inspiring!! is how I'd describe it. Must read!! Will also say 2 funniest things in book: students and Fenella
  4. I'd be pissed off if my bf was constantly trying to keep our relationship secret, I've had it before and it's really a not nice feeling :'(
  5. For a gay mag.. A little lol and yes it is available at whs his columns are always quite interesting and funny in that mag.
  6. Reading Scott's Column in this months Gay times Magazine he says he's written an autobiography out in autumn and will cover on things such as coming out and things that happened in uganda for his bbc3 show sounds interesting, can't wait to get it.
  7. Lee.

    Stand Up Comedy

    Look up a guy on YouTube called Paul Zerding he amazing saw him at Leicester comedy festival last year
  8. Had really great birthday just seen Bombay bicycle club they were amazing and had a load a birthday shots Im quite drunk lol
  9. You've never been to a traffic light party like of've students and ozzys (1 on neighbours few days ago) also you might like to know in 80's homosexuals had different coulered handkerchiefs to say what they liked so its been done before but is a little dated.
  10. Russell Howard in a weird crush kinda way, he's funny always a plus with me.
  11. Oh yes him and the guy who played Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter. He's aged very well
  12. its in chris's contract that scott mills is his stand in on breakfast
  13. Yes knocked on door gave my cv had bit of a chat about stuff and they said they'd ring me if something came up so now it came up and they need me to help.
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