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  1. Has anyone got May and June 2019 podcasts by any chance?
  2. Hi everyone, Does anybody have July and August 2018's podcasts by any chance?
  3. Any ideas what has happened to the MP3 archive from March 2015?
  4. Wow that'll be a shame... I wouldn't say he's too old in the slightest!
  5. Well voiceovers is a very well paid job... As if they need more money!
  6. It would be cool to see it back but I bet it doesn't come back! They should have spaced the cams out a little bit more instead of running them all at the same time and now we have nothing to watch! (Well the people who used to constantly watch it like a hawk lol) I always thought that doing the cameras in the studio was a good idea but Chris ended up doing that! It's good that they are trying to give the listener more of a insite to what happens at the station when their listening to the show.
  7. Thats what Scott's show is good though... It's so random!
  8. Hello! First of all - I am sorry for the fact that I haven't posted for a good few months now lol. Secondly, I really need to watch this as I love Celebrity Juice lol Keith Lemon's so funny! Drew
  9. Random place to leave Scott a message lol
  10. DJDrew

    Formula 1 2008

    Why is he a "tosspot"?
  11. DJDrew

    Formula 1 2008

    Atleast Hamiltons ahead of the game! He just needs to finish quite high during brazil and he'll win the drivers championship. Shame McLaren aren't going to win the constructors but they can't have both can they! lol
  12. Nah I think he is just pre-recording the news at the moment.
  13. See the reason Xfactor auditions are funny is because they are genuine. So when the auditions are fake, the comedy factor isn't there.
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