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  1. Will it ever be back? :confused:
  2. Ian


    From the webcam it looks like she is the producer of the new 5:19 show. 8)
  3. I long to be stalked by Beccy.
  4. Westwood to retire and open a chip shop in Norwich. Scott to get stuck in the toilet in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun , Jul, Aug. Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec. Chappers to break his foot falling of his chair. Beccy to fall pregnant in January. And November.
  5. I think there needs to be more Annie Mac on R1 although I think a regular daytime slot would be too much.
  6. According to Wiki, Laura isn't the Chart Show producer anymore but is now an assistant producer of the Nick Grimshaw show. Is this a demotion then? :cry:
  7. The Prodigy just went by the cam. :shock:
  8. Scott is having male make-up applied to himself. :shock:
  9. Scott has just been working out! :shock:
  10. Looks like the paisley was the inspiration behind the logo.
  11. Westwood would be an excellent choice. He's mature enough to have been there and done that plus he knows how to talk to people without being condescending.
  12. I always knew the Kelly thing was never going to work.
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