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  1. Wow. 4 years since I last visited Unofficial Mills - thought I'd pop back on ...only to find this! How times change.
  2. So, here's the situation. Scott has realised his time at Radio 1 is almost up and can't bare life without his show there. So he has taken a number of R1 staff hostage, murdering that security guard in the process. Somehow he manages to escape! You're watching the story on the news, suddenly there is a knock on your front door. You get up to answer, it's your neighbour looking for his lost dog, you tell him "Sorry, haven't seen it", you shut the door and walk back to your lounge. As you turn the corner you find Scott Mills sitting on your sofa crying, fake tan running from his face. He asks yo
  3. The animals are going to love their moment in the spotlight. Find the YouTube video of the tightrope walking goat with a monkey on it's back, it's hilarious and the animals are clearly enjoying themselves.
  4. Easy, get a job. Get a job on a cruise ship that goes to Australia. There must be some rubbish jobs going. Or something on ships or planes.
  5. Almost. I'll go for. The Royal wedding goes to plan. No major terrorist attacks but something in...hm, I'll go for Wales. Stephen Hawking will die (he is really starting to take the piss now.) Google will release Chrome OS which will do well. Berlusconi won't be president any more. An ex US president will die.
  6. Last year, in the 2010 Predictions thread, many predictions were made. http://tiny.cc/d8cvn These are the results... Correct Predictions. Chippy - Prince William gets engaged. E*F*L*4L - Some sort of big disaster in the world, earthquake, hurricane, flood. E*F*L*4L - Labour government booted out E*F*L*4L - Gordon Brown won't be PM anymore by June. Rik - Lots more extreme weather. Rik - Conservatives will come to power and do absolutely diddley squat. Mark710 - The economy will slowly recover worldwide. John - Pete Doherty gets arrested. Me_54m - By everyone will have forgotten who Joe Mce
  7. Last year, you all predicted loads of terrorist attacks, however there was not a single 'attack like 911' in 2010. Some celebrities died, Prince William got engaged and there was an earthquake. What are your predictions for 2011? (Stories which will be in the news, nothing Radio 1 related or things which may happen to you)
  8. If they ever do this again, make sure it is Louie Spence...
  9. Haven't been here since June. However, I was watching and I had to come and agree that this is rubbish PS: I thought it was the real him too!
  10. He can walk?? ...or is Scott sitting down...?
  11. A few Chinese restaurants near to where I am have just adopted a loads, already covered in oil it's a perfect deal.
  12. Why can't the UK pick a good act? Though at least they actually have one unlike where I'm from...
  13. Two of those german chicks seem very close...
  14. Scott did well. Graham Norton has been so brilliant though!!
  15. Scott on Twitter: "Landed at heathrow!! Woooooop" Shouldn't he have landed in Norway...?
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