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  1. Is this not the same as the U2 = BBC which subsequently changed to [email protected]? Surely U2 doing a gig on the BBC, is less than a whole day of one band?
  2. Happy Friday everyone. Haccccccccccckneeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy
  3. So sad to see tweets like this from Beccy I do hope she gets better soon.
  4. I am indeed. Do we still have the Beccy one cached somewhere and the website to create a Chris one?
  5. Any thoughts? Work in progress.
  6. Awesome sauce. Quick question what dimensions did you use?
  7. Hi all. Didn't know whether to put this in here or the 'geek' thread as it is a bit geeky but oh well. Depending on how easy it is for Jono to change I was thinking it might be a nice time for a new banner at the top of the page with the show in its new slot and Chris becoming a permanent member, also with the seemingly revived forums lately it'll be nice to spruce it up a bit. If it was okay with Jono I thought it'd be nice if people created a version of there own and there was a vote at the end for the one to use? Just a thought. Bye.
  8. Joooooonooooo, is it possible to change Record of the Week to Scott's big thing for the subject header thing.
  9. Yesterday's podcast seems quite good so far. 5 Minutes in. Nice for it to be out on the same day as the show as well.
  10. 5 minutes to go N.B Can't see Greg doing RFTW well.
  11. This is a nice montage of some of the best bits. Although it feels like he is leaving altogether rather than just moving slot.
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