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  1. Scott on at 4PM again <3 (I know it isn't a weekday and he does the chart but still feeling a bit nostalgic)
  2. This has literally been a whole day of my life, I've hit 16 000 and got to Greg but not Grimmy yet
  3. I remember back in the day Grimmy covering Scott (and doing a damn good job) on afternoons for three weeks straight. I would personally have Scott cover breakfast, Matt cover Scott, Dev cover Greg and Alice cover Fearne.
  4. Personally it might be nice for Dev to not have early morning but on a professional level it seems like a side step at absolute best for him. Weekend Breakfast is usually a slot used to ease people in or out of the station. Ben Cooper has never seemed to particularly rate Dev although he has got an increasing amount of cover although that could well be down the unavailability of other DJs due to Christmas. Cooper definitely has him behind Matt Edmondson and Huw whenever it comes to cover it seems. On a personal level it's good for me, I'm seldom up for early breakfast and sometimes up for wee
  5. She's my tip to take over breakfast. Think Cooper will (rightly) persist with Grimmy for 2-3 more years and Greg will (rightly) miss his shot at breakfast and Alice will take over.
  6. I might be wrong but I was under the impression that it was normal for breakfast to lose listeners in Q3 as a large chunk of the target audience aren't awake due to the summer holidays and sleeping in. For Fearne & Scott (and to a lesser extent Greg) there are surely more available listeners who would usually be in school.
  7. Just my suggestion 7.00 New Signing from Student Radio e.g. Pete Allison 10.00 Sat: Matt Edmondson Sun: Coxy (Although I can live with just Matt) 1.00 New Signing from Commercial Radio e.g. Eoghan McDermott 4.00 (Most Difficult bit) Sat: Huw doing some sort of new music show maybe & Scott or Greg (perhaps even a rota) on Chart on Sunday (Sunday Evening stays the same)
  8. 1. Mills (Coxy would go here but she is sort of in Radio 1 purgatory) 2. Grimmy 3. Phil + Alice 4. Zane 5. Dev
  9. Really pleased to hear this. Alice seems like a real talent. And she's not Huw for a change, odd that Matt was overlooked and Dev seems to be the bottom of the pecking order for daytime cover nowadays.
  10. I don't think Huw is that engaging nor memorable. I hope to see some more of Matt in the future or possibly Dev who I always enjoy listening to.
  11. Her old slot Sunday Mornings with Matt doing just Saturdays like Vernon
  12. Seems like Matt was only covering Scott as Huw was unavailable then
  13. I know there are some pretty strong opinions about these two on here and I found this article an interesting read. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/media/tv-radio/dan--phil-the-youtube-stars-tasked-with-bringing-new-young-listeners-to-radio-1-8639836.html I don't think they come across brilliantly in the interview (being a young person on a radio forum I object to the statement that "young people just don't listen to the radio anymore"!) and seem a little arrogant which from listening to their show and watching their video I don't think is the case. Amusingly some of the stuff they say about
  14. Dev: I have a soft spot for him, his self-deprication is charming. He isn't brilliant and I don't think he is daytime material but he would be solid on weekends and an improvement on the mess that weekends are currently (more on that later...) He also gets through a lot of producers which can't be particularly easy but seems to build a decent rapport with them. Can't say I listen to him often but he always comes across well whenever he is on Grimmy's show as well. Grimmy: I've been a big fan of his since I listened to his show with Annie Mac on a Sunday night and thoroughly enjoyed it when he



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