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  1. What do u want from an Radio 1 breakfast show ?
  2. whats going to happen to us here at UM
  3. already seen xmas stuff in some shops
  4. getting a real slating on twitter for having a go at public sector workers going on strike
  5. i was at work & just heard it on radio-1 like in the links posted above. when i got home i watched what was happening on the news, it would have been Sky News i think. later on my dad & myself went to his mom's & his brother was there & it was on BBC news & he said "this is war" how right he was... even though a family friend should have been working in a building right next to the Twin Towers on the day, i do of course feel for the victims & their families, even though i have reservations on what 'really' went on on that day. seeing the Twin Towers in movies always brings back memories of 9th Sept, the ending of Gangs of New York especially, due to the changing city skyline, i don't think the Towers should be edited out of movies as some have had done, but this scene i'm not so sure, i think it would be better in fact.
  6. very close today against Bolton, a good away win though, Bolton seem a very good side this season.
  7. amazing assist by Aguero then a amazing strike
  8. well they have lost me as a listener, i haven't listened to R1 in Oooo six weeks maybe two months now, i only listened to a bit of Moyles in the morning & a bit of Fearne, but i listened to the afternoon all the way through, but i simply had enough of Greg, he is just the same as he was when he first started on the afternoons, i still expected him to bring back "flash flash", he seems way out of his depth & if he is established, why does he keep moving about to cover for other DJ's ? the people at work also got fed up with listening to it, it now more than ever plays the same stuff over & over again & most of the music blurs into one long drone, it seems to be either R'n'B shit or bland Indie bordering on depressing Emo, i know R1 isn't supposed to compete with the commercial stations, well it doesn't, it competes with R1-Xtra & 6-Music from what i have heard. i now listen to a non-profit local community based station GOOoooooooood BYYyyyyyyeeee Radio One.
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