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  1. I *really* dislike guests on Radio 1. Maybe it's because I'm a radio geek and enjoy the chat amongst the R1 staff, but they never live up to the OTT hype given to them, and often ruin a show which is spent as a 2 hour build up to a dull 15 minute interview - Matt had to fill today as Faser was about 30 minutes late and then boring on air, which let down an otherwise good show. Often (as is the case this week) the guests aren't even that notable - or are known to be awkward to interview (Mark Wahlberg).
  2. They were face massages, whilst listening to bass. I like how well programmed it has been: trail for bass week into Pink's song with Nate from Fun.
  3. Is Radio 1 bass week a joke? Grimmy has a Big Thing that he openly called ridiculous two weeks ago and has played a quiz featuring the eastenders theme tune, Dev has recorded a stupid song, Scott was giving people Bassials, Greg has played Buttery Biscuit Bass, and the highlight of the week has so far been Sara Cox playing Bass or Bass with Annie Mac: is it a fish or is it a dj? It appears none of them are taking it seriously, which is a good thing as it is a crap idea, and there seems to be less 'bass music' than before on the playlist.
  4. Gemma and Huw are truly dreadful. I think Chart Dog could win a worst feature of all time award. They should try Matt as cover for Grimmy, could work well.
  5. They did use to do competitions, even if it was for a few CDs, until Jo Whiley fixed one, and Radio 1 banned them all for a period of time.
  6. Yeah, pretty much the only thing this week has been voting for the brits, which they do every year.
  7. I can not stand Huw Stephens on daytime. He's really not suited for it. His features are naff at best - huw's hashtag? and his 'greeting' of hello you cheeky little parsnips sounds like it was taken from a book of cliché radio ideas. At the weekends another particuarly annoying tendency of his is to present something as 'new' when it has been played on radio 1 for weeks, or has been on the 10 - 12 show for months - like the 'indie record that's much cooler than mine' this week, which was palma violets, who had been on the radio 1 playlist for 3 weeks. He genuinely irritates me when I hear him, to the extent that I prefer silence at work.
  8. I liked how Tuesday was "cher / share, take care", so actually was Access Fewer Areas. It's a pretty weak concept to put across a whole month. Well strong concept, appalling implementation.
  9. I thought they'd fallen out when they were still on air... Dom and Aled very much became the prominent members of the team, and the non-talking to each other on twitter was quite obvious too... Could this have been one of Chris' reasons for leaving, perhaps?
  10. I've enjoyed bits of it... <3 showbot. However the corporate crap is just dire to listen to.
  11. Tom.


    They spoke all over 'Every teardrop is a waterfall' on Monday... seems really strange, they must really be pushing the music numbers...
  12. Tom.


    Even "And now itis time for Newsbeat with Nomia Iqbal, at 1:30, on bbc radio 1" would have filled the time better, or saying what's coming up on the show... At school we did a cheesy radio show for charity, and even we worked out time management, had scripts being written to fill just the right amount of time and cutting songs out / changing them to fit... we lengthened a cheesy interview by a question to give us exactly the right amount of time to play Rick Astley before the end of lunch so the bell didn't cut over it... not difficult. I would love to see Moyles being forced to stop a song to go to the news...
  13. Tom.


    Scott cut Otto Knows after about 15 seconds yesterday... why don't they just wait until after the news?
  14. I really enjoyed Phil's show yesterday - especially the drama bit. Was so good to have something more than superficial rubbish. It was well written and executed, and perfect for showing off what radio 1 could do, if the bosses had the balls to bring it to daytime. I can't stand Huw on daytime.
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