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  1. Who else heard the lovely suprise of Scott Mills when switching on BBC Radio 1 today at 4pm?
  2. Excellent first link from Adele....:cry: "It is Adele who is in for Dev who was in for Grimmy, who was supposed to be in for Greg. I'm now in for Greg who is kinda skiving...." I am sure she is a very nice woman but what the....
  3. Is anybody else as annoyed as me by the fact that Grimmy has decided to at short-notice take Monday off?
  4. Oh really? I was looking forward to The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw as well. BBC Radio 1 have annoyed me.
  5. Having already told listeners and being scheduled in to be on-air Monday, today having looked at the schedule Dev will now sit in for Grimmy with The Radio 1 Breakfast Show....
  6. Surprise change to the schedule, Scott Mills will take control of The Official Chart today. Yes *opens a party popper*.
  7. Next Friday on BBC Radio 1 through all of the daytime shows. The only thing is that Fearne isn't on....
  8. Gemma Cairney seems to be in for Fearne all next week. I was expecting Coxy...
  9. My day may have just got that bit better. Matt Edmondson will sit in for Scott this Friday 1-4. It was initially Huw Stephens I believe however due to Radio 1's favourite sub-presenter probably no longer being available Matt has been selected. Sad thing is, I am in work.
  10. A little bit overdue but Greg James confirmed officially on-air today that a podcast, 'best-bits' of the show is on its way. Yes!
  11. Matt Edmondson has just confirmed that sadly he is not going to be on-air for a few weeks, he's getting married. So, who is going to sit in? Dev is currently away but could be back by next weekend. Could Sara Cox make a come-back?
  12. Chase and Status, Lost and Found mate.
  13. Huw Stephens is on again in for Greg.
  14. Scott Mills is ill so Radio 1 have dragged in their old favourite Huw Stephens from 1pm. Chris Stark will start the show in the meantime.
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