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  1. I didn't catch yesterdays show, but will listen to it on the download. I listened in this morning and turned on just as they were sending Chris for a shower. Very confusing! Have they had on the inventor of the whoooooooo game recently? I haven't heard him in ages!
  2. This all seems a bit crazy. I'm very happy for Alice, she'll do really well in that slot and I hope things continue to progress for her. Wasn't overly keen on the dan and phil show, a lot of it was just too much so cutting down to an hour is good. Very upset about Phil, Jen and Ally though, I'm hoping if they are cutting Phil down, that means he will be used a lot more for cover.
  3. definitely would not be Phil from Dan and Phil. Shame, I like Matt, but will be good to hear Phil Taggert
  4. It all just seemed a bit of a mess yesterday. I'm not a huge fan of Adele, but I wonder if you put Adele and Dev together whether it would make a good show
  5. I've noticed there has been quite a few adverts on BBC3 at the moment for Grimmys show, I'm guessing his listening figures still aren't going up then?
  6. That was an unexpected move, well done to Gemma though!
  7. Any thoughts on Grimmys future? I have to admit, I like the guy and I think he does well with it, but as we all know his ratings are rubbish. I am genuinely thinking Dan and Phil might be good contenders to take over. I know that they've only just started, but they have done really well and let's be honest they definitely get that younger audience in.
  8. I thought I recognized the name. Can't imagine he's much fun to listen to on the radio. Congrats to Dom though, well deserved!
  9. That would be interesting, it would be good to see how he got on. I listened to him cover Scott last week and thought he was good, but I definitely do not want him to take over that slot.
  10. Apologies I think I've made this come across in the wrong way. I meant that I like Matt's shows so much, they should be on more often but the only slot that I personally think they would give him is the early morning show or one in the evenings. Dev intrigues me, I want to like him and yet I don't. Also, completely agree on Matt being the only decent dj on weekends. Gemma especially!
  11. I've just joined so apologies if this thread has already been done. Thoughts on Matt Edmondson anyone? I personally feel that he would be good at taking over Dev's show and moving Dev to weekdays or weekend slots.
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