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  1. I agree Grimmy is a tad hard to listen to in the morning. Moyles for me Sent from my iPhone using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
  2. Grimmy annoys me when he starts going on about X Factor & One Direction [emoji36]
  3. Would be an interesting listen to see if he changed much
  4. Lovely funeral for John. Amazing car
  5. Really sad news, I'll miss the Christmas banter we had sometimes and the picture updates. Great guy RIP
  6. So since it was confirmed this morning on the show which was quite funny since no-one believed them is anyone going to watch Strictly just for Scott? I know I will :woohoo:
  7. Good that he recognised you in the end. The guru thing was funny
  8. Well at the end of the day I bet Huw and Chris don't hang out apart from when they're doing the show so if course Chris will be better with Scott
  9. Ima enjoying listening to Scott live too on Breakfast. Good times :woohoo:
  10. I no longer listen to Early Breakfast since Gemma took over so not concerned she isn't cover anymore, always preferred Alice covering.
  11. Seriously just because she said that?! So saying anything he said should be bad then *rolls eyes*
  12. My attempt at an old style title Scott Mills is on All Star Family Fortunes next weekend, should be good for a laugh
  13. Rubbish news means I'll be listening to CDs in the morning couldn't stand her that early! Find her hard to listen to anyway.
  14. See I think Dev will stay where he is or move during the day, maybe replacing Scott when he goes? Scott to sty another year, Greg and Grimmy to stay where they are too. Weekends need to be sorted out, really do not like listening to Gemma.
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