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  1. I wonder if they would eg would they use Jam or Danny dance anthems shows?
  2. I guess cutting Indie show from 4 to 1 days doesn’t help
  3. Need someone to do one of those charts of who’s on when tho - as I always lose the place!! (ps - best new pop with mollie wrapped into the rotational Friday guest early breakfast?)
  4. Gregg - good for consistency Arielle - good for new show Adele - good for a change phil/huw - not entirely unexpected dev - interested to see what does bext Matt and mollie - I think their doing 1-4 inc Friday to prime the move to replace Scott/Chris in same slot then ditch the whole Friday thing
  5. I think we’ve seen a double act no longer have to be in the same place for it to work..?
  6. Did she do the chart?? Or was that Clara?
  7. Phil and Alice 10-midnight was my fav Alice. makes sense they didn’t buddy dev and Alice back up when maya left - as I’m sure they would have known this was coming and makes sense
  8. They should keep one of the evening shows dropped too like this week?
  9. Scarlett with dev is dreadful pairing
  10. Greg would often cover chart back in the day didn’t he?
  11. Given the 5L show is double billed, do you think Chris will present if Scott off??
  12. Still greatest hits on the app?
  13. Maybe summer mix replacement?
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