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  1. Given the 5L show is double billed, do you think Chris will present if Scott off??
  2. Still greatest hits on the app?
  3. Maybe summer mix replacement?
  4. They’ll use a big weekend imaging im sure
  5. Wasn’t that the shouldn’t be news jingle on Greggs drive?
  6. Can’t say I had - can you clip up some examples?
  7. Other than Scott no ones in on their own shows on Bhol mon
  8. Adele - fine - not got long left Greg - yea the shows almost ‘polished’ and a bit samey now - still better than grimey! clara - dull! scotts still good but he needs a change grimmy - better on drive but not going to be about ages annie - great ricky Melvin Charlie - not for me jack Saunders - too late! Should be 9-11 and will be Annie’s future replacement - maybe even Clara’s replacement Matt and molllie - much preferred solo Matt. I think mollie is so over rated - liked her as a guest presenter but she’s not adding much now maya - enough said already jordan - really good dev and Alice - like mista ham - fine for show katie and Kel - not much time for either of them - but Cel is poor
  9. has Gregg had any time off except Christmas and his wedding??
  10. He makes fun of them all the time as well
  11. Greatest ‘brits’ at 10 all week with Clara - including booting Maya off friday
  12. Graeme

    RAJAR Q4 2018

    Should really Compare year on year - always going to be seasonal differences just comparing quarter to quarter
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