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  1. Having listened to the RONR round on the quiz from Tuesday I think they should definitely bring it back properly with the old music etc. It feels slightly wrong (and somewhat rushed) being part of the quiz.
  2. I think they should maybe alternate with the quiz and RONR as both are great features in my opinion. Do you know when they played Real this week? Would like to listen back
  3. Thank you Lee, hope you enjoy what I've shared here
  4. Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster With the new imaging for Radio 1 Breakfast getting introduced this week I thought I'd share my little library of the old intro that I've had since Greg's first breakfast show. Included are all the variations of the intro used (I believe) which are - Greg James, Scott and Chris, Matt and Mollie, The unnamed intro (Used when Jordan and Mollie covered as well as Arielle Free) and the solo Scott Mills intro (Used when Chris' wife had their baby). There are also 3 variations of "The One For Getting Up" (TOFGU in the folder) as well which are - Greg James, Scott and Chris and an unnamed version (If anyone happens to have a Matt and Mollie and Scott Mills version then please let me know!) Hope anyone who has wanted these enjoys them - I'm looking forward to posting more on here soon Link to folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LvW5Ii63Def-JV23f28AzYulZNSm0Mbj?usp=sharing
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