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  1. If it was honestly Edith's choice to go from 5 days to an early weekend slot, why on earth not say it a year ago when she moved? It might have made a lot more people respect her. And if she is going to be busy at Glastonbury, why not leave her son at home? As part of a family day out, so no-one misses out, I can see the logic of taking a small child with you, but as someone who works with small children, I'd imagine he would be just as happy in the park with an ice cream and space to run around..than an expensive loud festival, which he's too young to remember.!!
  2. Shes lucky she must have a really well behaved 2 year old. Can you imagine taking most 2 year olds travelling!
  3. It would be interesting to see what it is about. I am curious to know what Edith's next moves will be, will she end up leaving R1 altogether? I would have thought competition for presenting jobs must be at a premium currently, just think who has left jobs and or will be needing jobs soon! Penny smith, Davina, all the Radio 6 presenters, even someone like Jo Whiley etc.... It would be fascinating to know how someone like Edith is percieved generally in the media, would she be a good bet to front or contribute to a show, or would they be better off with someone new? However whatever she does, I think she needs to find a new presenting partner, she seems much bubblier and witty with someone she knows to bounce ideas off than when she works solo.
  4. Maybe Edith seems so different in character because she is one of those women whose public persona reflects that of their partner rather than themselves. When she was really close to Cat deeley and Colin, she reflected their characters, ie smart, bubbly and media savvy. Now she is with Tom she presents herself just like him, shy, distant from the media, desperate for privacy and unwilling to talk to the press! I thought it was fascinating that when he was away touring in europe etc, she seemed to come out of her shell more and be seen at public events and willing to do publicity for Evo rooms etc. Now hes back home I predict we will see more of Edith as quiet subservient adoring girlfriend!
  5. In next weeks radio times there is an article and photo of Edith from music rooms, talking about live music over the summer, Its an interesting casual photo of Edith in curlers, standing for some obscure reason on a box, and it would be a lovely shot except for the fact that her belly sticks out! If the tabloids had published it, im sure they would wonder if she was pregnant again?
  6. [He seems popular enough when doing Fighting Talk and such on 5Live, better than radio1 audiences seemed to receive him anyways, or maybe he's just better received when doing football coverage (wouldn't know, don't watch it] Im not sure about this! On radio 1, I think Colin had a lot more fans and supporters compared to a few disenters. - especially for his late night show. If you read forums on things like Digital spy, he is almost universally slated for his sports shows! I think people get really put off by his accent and his past attempts on shows like RI:SE to play the clown. and dont realise how intelligent and dry his sense of humour really is. Like talking about himself as a 'green presenter' for MOTD2, playing on the fact that he is new but also a NI football supporter!! As I dont actually like football or sport that much I cant really comment on how he is as a sports reporter , but I think he did get better reviews and was better recieved as a music DJ! But good luck to him
  7. No , please dont increase digital only radio stations. If analogue signals are working fine whats the problem with keeping them?
  8. Good luck to Colin, but I still prefer him as a music DJ or interviewing pop stars etc!! Id prefer it if he ended up doing the 'One show' instead of Match of the Day!
  9. I think its meant to be something about evolving music! Rather than a car. Edith seems to be trying to promote it and remind everyone that its on! It might be an interesting watch. There was an odd segment about it in the showbiz pages of the sunday mirror at the weekend, Saying about how shed asked them to remind everyone it was on which was fine and then it had a really snide comment where they had asked her if she was planning to have any more children soon, and shed answered that she was currently too busy to breathe let alone fornicate! I thought it was a bit snide... almost like the paper saying ok then, we'll give you a free plug, but in return you have to give us an interesting snippet about your personal life!!
  10. It actually sounds like a watchable show. Although Id agree its a strange title, is evo meant to mean anything or is it just a random word like zwa? I wonder how Edith will fare with it, She seems such a marmite presenter, some people really dont seem to like her that much and I hope they give her and the show a chance.
  11. Surely its messy to move Greg from 1-4 into the drive slot. But i spose its also messy moving Scott to mornings cos most afternoons I forget the changes, switch the radio on and then wonder where Scott is!
  12. I dont think Edith has ever done a bank holiday, Even when she was working solo in afternoons she used to persuade Colin to cover for her. so I would be amazed if she is around over easter!
  13. Ok maybe Dev does deserve a chance on early breakfast to build up his broadcasting skills, but please dont use him for daytime cover. Why not try and get someone like JK and Joel to return.?
  14. It has gone rather quiet about Moyles and the breakfast show. I reckon tho that there has been so much pressure on the bbc, and Chris Evans is still needing time to establish himself on R2 that I htink Moyles and Mills will stay where they are for another year or so. What R1 really do need to sort out is cover for the other daytime shows. I cannot listen to Dev in the afternoons without the desire to turn over. And thats even for the 10 minutes just before Scotts show. Also without Sara, on maternity leave, who will cover Scott on drivetime?
  15. Edith was covering for Grimmy last night and said she will be covering for him for a fortnight in April. Its like something out of Alice in wonderland...totally random and illogical, Edith leaves daytime to go to weekends, then covers evenings so Grimmy can cover for daytime...And Dev pops up in the afternoon, sounding totally amateur and inexperinced!
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