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  1. I hate to say it but we've found it hard to predict Ben Cooper, ever since he started. Much different style than Andy Parfitt. I would have put money on Alice getting this show. A couple of years ago I would have said Nick was a rank outsider at getting Breakfast. Clara is just the same having only done a handful of shows on Radio 1. Demograhics and the BBC trust seem to be the only things that matter at this station now.
  2. Dev is bound to be gutted , feel sorry for him! I think his show worked well on earlies. Moving from 5 shows to 2 even with a slightly better audience is no promotion. I remember when Greg was doing it he said he wouldn't want to swap to weekend breakfast. I think Ben cooper is hard to read so maybe he'll be moved to a better slot again soon. One things for sure I don't think all the truckers will be interested in Gemma's fashion features!!
  3. Do you really think if he kept having bad quarters after each other then the 2 year plan would stay the same? Depends a lot more really on what the younger people do. Its the first time we've seen the breakdown of what age groups are listening. From my few years of reading this forum, Q1 is normally one of the best for Radio 1 with younger people at school, college etc. Wait for Q3 when theres a lot of people on holiday, Moyles usually struggled to keep going then. That could be a hard set of figures to take. I don't dislike his show but its always female callers, not thats a bad thing but i think that shows the audience he appeals too. I'm 21 and most of my friends have moved on also. If there was a shake up I could see Greg to breakfast, Nick to Drive time (I think he could get more guests this time of day and would just be easier listening.) I think Sloth might take Scotts place in the schedule in years to come. I think Nick would take drive time rather than being 'chucked back into the night time'!
  4. Please someone ask Ben Cooper about the Moyles exit and why something can't be negiotated for his return! I know how unlikely it looks but there aren't many chances to ask!
  5. It's very good, He's on top form. Listen if you can....
  6. Its the Rocky Theme. Sorry ! Delete the thread if you want to Jono.
  7. Hi, This will probably be obvious to most but i need to find out what the track that Zane uses to welcome in the 'contendors' to the sound clash. Thanks Guys !
  8. Sara tweeted yesterday that it must of been a slow news day and a load of rubbish and has just signed to radio 1 for another year.... Now they can't make rubbish up about Moyles they are turning there attention to the stations other older DJ's.
  9. Does anyone else think Andy Parfitt, got this sorted before he handed in his notice? To make sure Chris sees out his dream of 10 years on Breakfast?
  10. Not going to lie... After all the build up, I have been so disappointed with this feature ! I thought the challenges might actually be....er....Tough?
  11. Looks like shes a freelance dj - presenter - producer.... Just googled her. this is her website - http://twitter.com/#!/goldierocks http://twitter.com/#!/goldierocks She looks hot !
  12. The Daily Fail say that Olly Murs has replaced Matt he must be gutted....
  13. Scott just said there off to the Sony Radio Awards tonight. The website is quite smart if your curious - http://www.radioawards.org/ Would I be right in saying theres another thread with the nominations on? Any Predictions?!
  14. Can anyone confirm The Sun's source? Usually not the best when it comes to the truth.
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