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  2. His father really did him proud with that funeral. You're right DC, John would've been delighted about the exhaust falling off and the glitchy music. What an excellent send off for a lovely chap.
  3. I turned my back on radio 4 and have had a chance to listen recently. Scott and Chris have been excellent whilst filling Grimmys slot.
  4. I love Strictly, as does Timsk (sssh, I didn't tell you that), so for me this is 2 of my most favourite things in 1 and great news. Can't wait. Good luck with your cha cha cha Scott!
  5. Both Timsk and I were terribly sad to hear that John had died this morning. He was one of the UMers who actually helped to bring us 2 together; he was so friendly, amusing and welcoming. He was a constantly happy presence on my Twitter timeline, even when nattering about football. I spoke to him about epilepsy a lot in the last year, as he did suffer from it, and I've had 2 seizures. He was so kind and helpful. We've lost a good friend, a nurse and his poor family have lost a loving father. My thoughts are with them. RIP John.
  6. WTF? Tim and I found this to be jolly entertaining. Only footie coverage we listened to.
  7. Triple post!!! Sorry Jono, I've forgotten how to use UM. Spiderman and his girlfriend's Gypsy Kings' Bamboleo made me laugh. LOTS. :
  8. I also approve of Huw. If you have DAB, Lauren Laverne on Radio 6 plays much more interesting music than Fearne at the same time, mind you it is older stuff as opposed to chart tunes. It's a good station. Give it a try.
  9. Hello. Just wanted to make a brief appearance on here to confess that the boyf (Timsk) and I haven't listened to Scott for rather a long time. My apologies, but his time schedule changes didn't work for us. We have however thoroughly enjoyed tuning in to him again a bit in the morning this week and look forward to next week too. He beats Melvyn Bragg on Radio 4 hands down.
  10. I love this. New David Bowie from out of the blue after so long. He was my first ever concert at the old Wembley stadium. The video's a bit creepy though and Timsk isn't too keen. Headphones.
  11. This is very sad news. I shall listen to as much of the show as I can today. Beccy will really be missed. She was a lovely bubbly presence and I wish her all the best for the future. Thank you Jono for sending her a gorgeous bunch of flowers on behalf on UM. She said thanks on Twitter this morning. 'Thank you so much @unofficialmills. Made my day to come in and see these! X pic.twitter.com/rACo5Ozw '
  12. Many thanks for the thread Viv, and to all of you well wishers, It's very much appreciated. I miss you lot. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that the last few weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster. My ex husband comitted suicide 3 weeks ago, 2 days later I had an interview for a new job, tried not to cry too much beforehand, it makes my eyes puffy, got 2nd interview and got a new job. I'm now teaching English online to students from Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakstan (no Borat jokes) etc. I'm absolutely adoring the lessons, I have fantastic students, but the techy/admin stuff is dreadful. So yeah, this is a happy Nati at 41. xx
  13. Have listened to 1 whole show, and 2 halves. Whilst I'm aware that Radio 1 wish to appeal to youngsters, I wasn't aware it was to those that still attend primary school. I don't dislike Grimey [sic], he's ok in small doses, but I'm at a loss as to how he can be expected to carry off 3 and a half hours a day, at breakfast after the reign of Moyles. His show, and his onair attitude is juvenile. I've noticed his sad attempts at cheap publicity on Twitter (via others, don't follow him), ie. gatecrashing Johnathan Ross's 'top party in town' Halloween event and banning Robbie Williams music from his show. This is just the sort of attention grabbing behaviour that Moyles used to ridicule. My mornings are a mixture of Radio 4 and Radio 6 Music now, as befits my age. I know my place, and I'm much happier elsewhere.
  14. Beautiful bubbly bumble bee. You and Mark look fabulous. Sending you both (and the cats) lots of love.
  15. I've only caught Grimmy for a couple of mornings. I don't dislike the guy, but I'm afraid I'm off to R4 or R6 now. He simply isn't my cup of tea at 6.30 am. Phew! Radio 1. You've got rid of yet another undesirable older listener. Will still try to catch Scott when I can in the afternoon.
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