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  1. Sorry if there is already a thread like this but I can't see it. I just wondered what you all think of the show/podcast at the moment? Some of my random views: Overall I still love the show and it often makes me actual LOL though I do feel that it really misses a Becki-type character, ie a female element, and a lot of material came from her. Chappers was also jolly funny at times even if he was a miserable bar stool. I can see that it's not easy to foist a new person upon the listeners but maybe they should try to slowly introduce someone. It's getting a bit empty behind those mics. The podcast 'Recovering from Ibiza 04 Aug 2014': Scott sounded the most Alan Partridge I've ever heard him when talking about his 'biza exploits. Sorry but he's not getting any younger and the cringe glands were certainly flaring during that segment. His obsession with 18y.o. divers makes my back crawl. 'Get your rat out' was pathetic. I HATE CHARLIE FRIGGING SLOTH. Celebrity guests are slim pickings nowadays (shame). Thank Jesus his obsession with that bloody 'Let me take a selfie' song waned faster that I first feared. Slippery slope to Radio 2 by this time next year at 3/1 (as long as they continue the daily podcast that's ok). Think that's all, I'd love to know what others think!
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