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  1. He does the Warmseal adverts on SunFM now
  2. I knew that was Scott! Although his accent and I thought it might be secretly Beccy!
  3. JW16 that's awesome but any chance you could make it so they don't all over-lap? Much cleaner and easier to Edit
  4. Fraz- J

    GaGa Conert!

    I saw her March 4th in Newcastle, AMAZE
  5. HELP! Scott rang me about this yesterday and I wanted to clip it but the only flipping time i get on air, it isn't on iPlayer!!!! PLEASE SOMEONE tell me they have a cheeky recording of the show? One Love x
  6. On Second thoughts, could I be nominated for Anything at all?! I feel Bad now
  7. Can I be added to the Twitter one pleaseeeee
  8. Chappers, you are a legend. We Love you and shall miss you massively.
  9. Surely is it not provided by Wise Buddah?
  10. I don't want them to leave. The show is perfect as it is, if it ain't broken, PLEASE don't fix it
  11. Actual Bristol lol. It really annoys me when people are like 'I'm going to Oxford!...........Brookes'
  12. This is so scary! It's all becoming so real at the moment which is SLIGHTLY terrifying! I'm applying for French and German which apparently is 'difficile' as the French say My Options are: Edinburgh Bristol Newcastle Manchester Leeds I'm slightly nervous about Leeds for some reason :confused: Don't really know what it's like but hey, Life's a big adventure!
  13. Ok I know it's late, but I've been away etc. etc. ANYHOO, Is there any chance someone has the audio from Floorfillers with Sara Cox the other week? I got a shoutout and would like to clip it! Thanks Geeks x
  14. Happy Birthday Guys Hope you're all well Much Love x
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