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  1. Hi there, 

    I would be interested in obtaining a few things off you.

  2. Hey guys - has anyone got any further with the “new” newsbeat imaging, it’s going to be the first package I’ve not had since 2007!
  3. Well done on finding out the song! I found a full(ish) version, listen from 33mins 22secs here: https://m.mixcloud.com/robbierivera/the-juicy-show-644/
  4. Still doesn't seem to be any clean copies of the updated Newsbeat themes around, has anyone managed to get hold of any?
  5. Hi Capes - please can you let me know where you found the montage? Cheers
  6. I have a few beds too let me know if you need any. I'm still waiting to find the new weather bed if anyone can help please?
  7. There was a slip up at the end of the 12:45 Newsbeat today. Instead of playing the news outro a bed was played for about 15 seconds until someone realised and played the outro.
  8. Sorry it's late but here's a mix of most of my recent R1 stuff R1 Collection.mp3
  9. I'm sure I can add some bits to this thread I managed to edit a few length 2015 Newsbeat beds from the montage R1 posted on YouTube. Will check through the audio I have at some point at post some stuff. Main Intro - Headlines Bed.mp3
  10. Hi Tweed I have three of the Wonder Years IDs... send me a message and I'll send them over to you
  11. Nice post. I had a search around my usual locations and didn't find anything either I liked 08/09 ones too, I think I have pretty much all of those beds that were used back then. I really like a few beds that are used on air at the moment, I particularly like the one normally used on Scott's show when he talks about whats coming up on TV/Radio that night.
  12. jw16

    Check your emails - your UM inbox is full.

  13. Something I noticed during Access All Areas was that the DJs now manually play the segues (jingle-song-jingle-song) after the news. Whereas a while ago I think the segues were pre-mixed so all the DJs/producers had to do was press play on the pre-mixed track. I guess the DJs/producers aren't too arsed about what IDs they play and out of habit probably play a selection of just a few through the duration of the show. I do agree that if they have the selection of IDs they should use them, I hate how Fearne's show uses the same jingles all the time, it just adds to the staleness that her show seems to be going through of late. Scott's show is consistently sounding great with great imaging.
  14. Hi forde52 I have a few cuts from this package if you're interested in trading.
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