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  1. Hey!

    Hey - I have loads of stuff from then, I’d be happy to share it. Will be nice for someone else to enjoy what I obsessively collected for so long

    can you please make a google drive folder and upload it all? thank you so so much! i really appriciate it!!

    (oh and, i cant dm you so this is the best way i guess)

    1. Jinglefied


      Do you have any Newsbeat?

  2. Hello! My name is Matt. I am looking to make a Radio 1 clone from this time era (for myself, obviously!) I would love to see if anyone of you all have any jingles from the time era from above! Jingles, Stabs, Beds, Trails ETC, if you have ANYthing from this era, it would be imensely helpful! thanks - M
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