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  1. lại gọi về một cái tiểu khô lâu đi đổ rác a, việc này không phải đều là do cái tên nữa điên nửa ngốc nghếch Bố Lai Ân làm sao?”

    “ là thật, ta thật sự chứng kiến một cái khô lâu rất nhỏ, mang hai cái bao rác rất to . Mặt khác, ta cảm giác được Bố Lai Ân rất đáng thương a, hắn vốn đã rất thảm rồi, bây giờ lại bị Lỵ Toa biến thành cái bộ dáng này, gần nhất mỗi ngày còn bị Ba Khắc đánh!”

    Học kế toán tại bắc ninh

    Dịch vụ kế toán

    học kế toán thực hành

    Rattan Furniture indoor

    mu private

    nhạc sàn cực mạnh

    “ ngươi nhất định là chưa tỉnh ngủ a

  2. Happy Birthday Mike! Our two days of being the same age are over for another year.
  3. Oh wow thanks guys, I didn't think you'd remember me after all this time! Bloody hell Tim, that's the foulest cake I've ever seen, and Nati - when will this guy be showing up at my house? After all this waiting to be an adult malarkey, I didn't get IDed today!
  4. I'm going to be a proper adult tomorrow!
  5. Happy (slightly belated) birthday Serin, I hope you have (had) a wonderful day.
  6. I'm sitting the first half of my English A-level tomorrow. I don't think anyone has been more pumped for an exam than I am for this. Angela Carter's got nothing on me.
  7. Grace

    Election 2010

    How are they going to do it then? I *really* want to pull an all nighter.
  8. I'm not. It's odd how R1's target audience is 15-24 year olds yet they always schedule the Big Weekend for exam period. Not once since I've moved into their target audience would I have been able to attend because of this. Not cool.
  9. Two words for you sweetie - chocolate buttons, they melt in the mouth . A jumbo pack of those after every orthodontist trip almost made the pain worthwhile. Just stick with it, the pain of first getting them on is the worst bit (although having mine *drilled* off wasn't great fun, I think my ortho was a bit sadistic), and having amazing straight teeth at the end of it is definitely worth a year or two of bother. What stopped me getting down about being a metal mouth was thinking that I'd have laaavely straight teeth in my wedding photos (if anyone ever makes an honest girl out of me). Just make sure you wear your elastics if/when you get to that stage, and your retainer too!
  10. I want to make a joke about a massive rampant rabbit, but taste and decency are stopping me. Instead, I'll ask you to pleeeease keep us updated with bunny related photos.
  11. It's been aaaages since I came to UM/posted on what sucks, so to update: I didn't get into St Andrews (fuckers) and any modicum of a relationship I might have had is gone. It's all cool other than that though.
  12. You'll be invited to an interview with college, and you'll be able to explain the grade discrepancy there, I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine. Maybe take along some biology work/coursework which demonstrates your understanding? This won't be the first or last time that the college has heard of a problem like yours, don't worry too much. Good luck.
  13. Grace

    The Brits 2010

    :: British male solo artist - Paolo Nutini :: British female solo artist - Lily Allen :: British breakthrough act - La Roux :: British group - Muse :: MasterCard British Album - Lily Allen, It's Not Me, It's You :: British single - Cheryl Cole, Fight For This Love :: International male solo artist - Michael Buble :: International female solo artist - Rihanna :: International breakthrough act - Lady Gaga :: International album - Lady GaGa - The Fame :: British producer - Jim Abbiss (with help from Wiki)
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