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  1. Shady? Only a little........ lol
  2. Hi all - prolific poster from back in the day! Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me........ Hmmm:
  3. This is pure undiluted s***e It makes The Tweets 'Birdie Song' seem like a masterpiece.........
  4. Better late than never Mr D! Hope you had a good un!! :
  5. Hi Danni, hope youre OK. Hope to see you back on UM soon........ :-)

  6. Just thought I'd drop in to say I'll be away and having it off for the next six weeks so thanks for all the banter and chat over the last few months. I'll try and drop in when I can but life is gonna be very different over the next few weeks (I'm glad to say!) Still be listening to Mills though! Speak soon gang and dont get up to too much mischief whilst my back is turned - I dont wanna miss out!!
  7. Westwood mentioned De Capricorn on 'Where Am I' this morning.........
  8. Well Soph, I never had you down for an 'Escape To The Country' fan. You'll be telling me you watch DIY S.O.S. next!!
  9. deleted - double post, must try harder..........
  10. Happy Birthday. Hope you have an amezzin day......... !!
  11. It is, which is exactly my point............ :
  12. OMG just 18 mins to Dev. *RH reaches for his i-Pod*
  13. Well certainly not North of the border, its only light for about two hours during the day in December isn't it?
  14. Speaking of tannin, I'm off for a brew............
  15. Belated Happy Birthday wishes from an ex MX-5 owner.............
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