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  1. Doubt it's a legit Radio 1 package - partly as anyone can buy it (commissioned packages are owned by the BBC and are never available for resale) and also the fact it's £9.99!! Spelling is terrible on that site too.
  2. At long last! http://www.music4.com/ Very different to the previous site - in terms of R1 content they've put up the Official Chart main theme, aswell as a few Moyles bits and pieces.
  3. The last update from Pure Tonic Media was January 2011. Nothing more after that. Basically they created updates in August/Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec 2010 and January 2011, then it all suddenly stopped....
  4. hey I hear that you have quite a bit of stuff, was just wondering if you had any R1 beds/ramps or even better vo sessions?

  5. New female voice; sounds very good on the Newsbeat imaging. Will give some other shows a listen later on today.
  6. Yeah, heard that on Moyles' show this morning. It sounds like a very upbeat package, but I can't really say much as I've only heard a few seconds of it when I was half-asleep!
  7. He's doing really well, it's worth a listen. Very impressed.
  8. It's probably part of their imaging updates; they're in the process of comissioning a new station-wide imaging package. http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/commissioning/site/BBC_Radio1_Imaging_2011.pdf Here's the Chart Show one aswell. No idea on who made it though! http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/commissioning/site/Radio1_Chart_Show_Pitch_2012.pdf Holly has been the female voice since October 2008(!), while David or whatever the male voice is called has been on since June 2009.
  9. What other sites do you use?

  10. I have no idea either! A new package of beds was introduced around April/May ish - along with a new package of idents and talk ramps for weekends, e.g 'Weekends on BBC Ra di oh h h h ONE'. These are created with some Pure Tonic imaging
  11. That's a very good point! I can always remember having a news reader aswell as a sports reader.
  12. The current ones have been on air since January 2010
  13. I've liked them from the minute I heard them!
  14. Newsbeat 2011 - End Logo.mp3Here's the sonic logo from the package.
  15. Although I can't help feeling that aswell! The news headlines and news main bed are pretty much the same (if not exactly the same?) I couldn't really give an opinion on sports bed, as it was played far too quietly. I like the weather, aswell as the mid-news 'BBC Radio 1,... Newsbeat' stab. That part works better than before. The news out though, is too abrupt. They should have just added more reverb. I haven't listened to one of the 12.45/5.45 bulletins yet, but I aim to do so soon. Overall, I'm really impressed! The R1 Newsbeat 4-note sonic logo has been used since January 2005. The 2003 package was created by David Lowe (creater of BBC News music), and this was reflected in the package. 2004 was a refresh by the Station Sound team. Everything from 2005 was created by Music4. The 2005 package was used until January 2007. The package that was on air a few days ago was a remix of the 2007 package, created in January 2009.
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