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  1. I do kinda miss this site and how it was in it's prime. It's all about bacefook these days, problem is you already know everyone on there more or less from real life. The forum thing back then was all about talking to new people. Xx

  2. I'm not bad! :) I hardly come on here anymore though, I've sort of lost interest in Radio 1 alltogether. Although I still sometimes listen to Scott in the car on any travels.

  3. Week off work... YAY... This thread hasn't been used in a while... so err... BOO!
  4. Hey long time no speak :) How are you

  5. Pixie is great... little miss piggy though. Growing very fast... she's just over 6 weeks but looks more like 3 months ha ha.
  6. I ordered 4kg of beef and the butcher gave me 8kg. Although its too big for my fridge and oven lol... lots of beef! Ha ha
  7. it came from inside my brain ha ha, thought of the name when I found out I was pregnant lol.
  8. I had a little girl named pixie-lou on the 10th november at 17:22 and she weighed 7 pound 13.5 My labour was 5 and a half hours Thanks guys!
  9. Well... Oh this made me laugh Thank you for your support and congratulations everyone
  10. Thank you I will keep you all updated! This is the begining of the rest of my life now and when baba comes along everything will change
  11. Right now it has to be... Terrible Things - Mayday Parade. The lyrics are so lovely
  12. I'm pregnant To think, this christmas will be spent with a baby is a mad thought! So happy
  13. Aha it's me I am back after a loooong absence. What rocks? Well... I live in an awesome house share (We had a problem with housemates.... They trashed the house and threatened to kill me and thankfully they are gone) I have awesome new housemates. I have a gorgeous boyfriend. I am doing a spot of modelling. I am happy. (Hopefully) Old miserable Danni has gone and new happy Danni (or Kitty as people call me these days) is here. I still don't have a computer but I have my Galaxy S which is good enough hehe. Danni is back!
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