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  1. This is all news to me... do girls really stop taking care of theirselves over the winter? I don't wear skirts, but I still keep myself "groomed". XD
  2. Yeah, exactly. What's wrong with these people!?
  3. I take it giving someone a present isn't actually giving someone a present anymore then?
  4. This could be the start of something... an all parrot radio show!!
  5. Mmm, back after a nice, hot bath. Feel so warm now. I've been absolutely loving Napoleon!! =D
  6. Yeah, he's awesome!! But don't worry; I'm sure there's plenty more fun to come!! =D
  7. It's Teenage Mutant Ninja Tuesday in my world, so I'm awesome!! And this show is really making my day! =D How about you?
  8. Welcome along!! It's been awesome already! I'm loving this!!
  9. And he does it at all the right moments!! Did he just do a telephone ring? XD Love this song!! *dances*
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