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  1. Not so great this one, but took me quite by surprise! Went to Cardiff this Saturday to see Aiden Grimshaw (not so into him, but my friends wanted to go and I wanted to get drunk). Queued for about half an hour and found ourselves crammed into the club downstairs paying £3.50 for pints, not amusing. We went upstairs where it was slightly less busy later on and I see a very familiar looking jacket from behind; I believe its actually quite sad that I could tell who it was from the back of their head? Anyways, Scott went outside for a cigarette and I followed suit obviously. Already quite drunk at this point, I basically pointed and shouted 'Scott Mills!' and started talking about UM and 'your views' from about 2 years ago, and also how I missed Flirt Divert. No picture sadly one of my housemates broke my camera the other week!! But still, was slightly surreal but cool, and was more fun than watching an X Factor reject despite the jabs I got from my friends
  2. Love the profile picture! :)

  3. Happy birthday, even if's it's a little late....

  4. I thought it was a bit cold last night!
  5. How many tickets was it per person if they are accepted, 2 or 4? I'm wondering as my housemate for next year is a native of Bangor and I want to finally go!
  6. Is it just me, or does Gaga shout 'Roy Chubby Romance' a lot in that song...
  7. Managed to hear All I want for Christmas on Monday whilst on the train, and probably embarrassed myself humming along happily, with a Cheshire Cat grin glossing over. Not heard the other days though, I'm thinking once a week is more than enough before December.
  8. There should definitely be a Witness Protection like system for poor souls such as this
  9. I think Coxy's been on top form, shall miss her.
  10. As in...he hated it the least? You know I've not actually seen his advert yet.
  11. It'll be strange to actually be driving in the morning and hearing Scott for the first time. Perhaps it'll distract me from the endless traffic jams and the icyness of my car while the heater gasps to buff out any resemblance to hot air. I'm not sure about that afternoon presenter though, never heard him.
  12. Got to agree with Edith's being the best. So fun.
  13. It's on the 3rd page of most viewed videos today now. I was rather surprised to come across the UM account on my little perusal.
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    I don't either, just seems like the Facebook homepage minus some banners to me
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