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  1. It really bugs me that Greg does this - I know there are much better things to use my energy on, but I can't help it! He went through BBC Sounds earlier and still referred to it as "The Radio 1 Breakfast Show" even though the correct name "Radio 1 Breakfast with..." would've been right there! Either use its proper name or change it, I think "Radio 1 Breakfast" is better anyway. Whilst I'm having a pointless rant, the shows that end "with [presenter]" sound so daft when the named presenter is off. Just put the name of the stand-in or leave it off. "Radio 1's Dance Party with Annie Mac with Danny Howard" is not good. (Not that that'll be back again ?).
  2. The title is just... Dreadful! Call it "Going Home with Vick & Jordan" if they must, but the "..on Radio 1" is clunky and unnecessary. 13 syllables! I understand not calling it "Drivetime", as it sounds a bit 'local commercial radio' and not everyone drives, but not everyone's going home at that time either. I don't know what the answer is, but GHwVaJoR1 isn't it! The new photos also look kinda cheap. As with some of the names, they're also inconsistent between different shows. It's just these little points that they surely has loads of meetings to discuss but still ended up being a bit naff and lacking polish.
  3. Me too, it's been so good hearing a 'Grimmy greatest hits' - both features and music! I really like that's he's been allowed to play all his favourite tracks, reminds me what good musical taste he has, all the good stuff from the nighttime show and more. I've loved listening to all his shows over the years and am really going to miss him.
  4. Absolutely loved last night's Grimmy & Annie (does anyone call them Gr'Annie?) co-host, shows why they're both going to be so missed - was a wonderful trip down memory lane. Here goes the last show - so sad it's the end but you know it's going to be brilliant. Is Annie the best Radio 1 DJ ever? She could just be.
  5. Really gutted about this - first Annie now Grimmy, my Radio 1 favourites. Not sure if I'm still going to be listening in a few months time.
  6. Just listening to this on Sounds, absolutely gutted - in my opinion she's the best thing on Radio 1 and will be a massive loss. She's so warm and genuine, her enthusiasm for music is infectious and her Friday night show is the stuff of legend... End of an era ???
  7. I don't understand the continued talk of Grimmy leaving - he had the second longest running breakfast show on Radio 1, he must be doing something right. I hope he stays for a long time yet - he's the best daytime Radio 1 presenter in my opinion. He's funny, sassy, knowledgeable with music and knows what's going on in popular culture - why would he leave?
  8. What did Greg say, out of interest? I must admit I haven't listened to the chart in years - I don't think it really means much anymore, since streaming was introduced. I'd be happier if it was on at 1 then Grimmy was on half 3 to 6. (The weekend on a Friday idea was always terrible, but makes even less sense now Greg is on but the rest of the weekday line-up isn't). I think the show would be perfect for a Friday afternoon, and he could do Going Home Anthems at 5 - which would make much more sense than half 3 on a Thursday. Then a handover chat with Annie - they're always fun but would be especially daft.
  9. Not sure I ever forgave her for replacing Jo Whiley - and very poorly. Can't say I'm sad to see her go, think she's one of the worst DJs on R1 at the moment (excluding Dan & Phil, Gemma...). I think it's time for Scott to go, when he covered for Grimmy recently it was kinda laboured. I don't understand why there's so much speculation about Grimmy leaving - he's probably the best thing on the station after Annie Mac.
  10. I agree, so much better without Huw and I quite like Alice, certainly better than Cotton. Weekends will never be as good as the Jo Whiley / Sara Cox days, but they're improving.
  11. Quite, not sure why everyone seems to talk about it like it's a definite. I like Grimmy, his is pretty much the only daytime show I listen to now. I find Greg's show boring, can't see him ever being ready for breakfast.
  12. Oh yes, whoops! I also loved Jo's show, always an interesting listen.
  13. I don't think the weekend line-up has ever been worse - I don't really bother listening any more. Dev - I've never really liked, still sounds very amateurish. Matt Edmondson - good, can see him moving to weekdays. Huw Stephens - beyond boring, does not suit daytime in the slightest. Why he replaced the brilliant Sara Cox is baffling - probably Radio 1 again going with the idea that younger presenters are automatically more relevant / appealing to the audience. Danny Howard - not bad, quite like the show. Jameela Jamil - pretty bad. Dan & Phil - painful to listen to.
  14. I know this is a Scott Mills site but... I think this last two weeks has really shown his show to be past it - it's trying too hard to be young. The whole thing sounds contrived / scripted and the constant repetition is really irritating. I've been mostly listening to other shows this fortnight - I can't wait for Grimmy to come back. Sorry!
  15. Well hopefully it's not Greg James then, as he just moved. Really really really hope not.
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