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  1. I would like to do a jingle trade.

    I am after for the Newsbeat jingles from 2007, 2009 and 2011.

  2. No matter how silly it is - the Moyles ones with Cher on make me laugh every time no matter how many times he plays it.
  3. it can't be long away... anyone else heard the short jingle thing before Pretty Reckless on R1 this morning? (about 7:10)
  4. That is great! And with Steve Jobs leaving Apple, it will be no good at all. Apple for most IS Steve Jobs - and it would be a shame should he leave. Well, i'm sticking with my iPad 1
  5. I liked him on the Saturday stuff with Edith. He was honest too, and said it how it was. It will be a shame to see him go
  6. http://www.apple.com/uk/ipad/ New stuff for the iPad in apple's latest conference, theres a few new stuff: HD Back Camera Facetime Thinner Design Available in Black and White! Faster Processor And some nice magnetic case cover thing! It's available March 11th, minor improvements, same price. And the old iPads are now at £329 (for a bargain) Thoughts?
  7. IDClip02.mp3 IDClip03.mp3 IDClip01.mp3 IDClip04.mp3 Here you go.... hope they're not too bad.
  8. It was really good, but for certain, it takes guts to go to a country where you're hated, and speak to people who want you in prison! And agreed, it makes it look so easy to live in the UK! I myself aren't gay, but i'm sure Scott was really worried over there.
  9. Really like Huw's show, think it was definitely time for a 'breath of fresh air'. Jo was a really good presenter though, best of luck for Radio 2, and to be honest, I don't exactly think the story has come of much of a shock!
  10. Like it! And I meant that I LIKED the tabs and the download thing with it organising!
  11. I quite like Firefox - just the organised downloads and tabs that open instead of a new window. Good browser though.
  12. Always knew the 1tros would have been dead. Yeah - clearly the jingles are seen to be good enough for another while (can't say that's wrong, they are good!)
  13. and for those running Windows? (I have a mac, but also a Windows 7 laptop)
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