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  1. Matt's show will be produced by the same producer that did the show since it's launch, so it shouldn't see too many changes.
  2. I like Mayo. He's not really an entertainer, but a good radio presenter nevertheless. Especially if you take in mind that he's at Radio 2, where listeners expect different things from presenters than at Radio 1. That said, Viv, wait 4 weeks and another un-entertainer will do a drivetime show on national radio. I'm amazed that anyone ever really considered putting him there (but I'm sure you know that already )
  3. Greg will be up against Simon Mayo. They both don't appeal to young audiences, so you might as well listen to the real professional. Seriously, Scott's show provides a stark contrast to Simon Mayo. Megalolz and all that. Greg does boring average radio with almost no wit at all. Why would you want to listen to that?
  4. That's what I was thinking. Surely, Scott's show, with prank calls, immature humour and all that, appeals to younger audiences than what Greg does? Innuendo Bingo, the Tap End, all the banter with Chris and Beccy, those bits surely attract teenagers/students rather than more grown up people? Contrary to Greg, who hasn't really much going on on his show that might attract younger audiences.
  5. Well not if he's really signed a new three-year deal. It's BBC Radio 1 we're talking about. Capital may be one of the more respectable commercial radio stations, but it's still commercial radio. Working conditions over there are quite different from the BBC, pressure is much higher, it's all just about profit. So if you can get a new several-year-deal with Radio 1, why go to the commercial sector?
  6. I think it's way too early to tell. 4am will probably be someone who's not on the radar yet. Greg on breakfast, Fearne on 10am, Scott 1pm (if the rumours are true and he'll get a new 3-year contract, he'd be stupid to leave earlier. It's bloomin' R1, world's greatest radio station (and the second biggest in the UK)). Plus, If Greg fails and is sacked early on, Scott might get breakfast for a short term. Because in such a situation, they'd need an experienced professional to save them. I don't really believe Moyles will stay after breakfast. He'd probably have to take a huge pay-cut - and he'd probably have numerous options on Radio and TV.
  7. Huh... you give people a chance because you think they are capable of doing it, not just because you feel that you have to. And I'm afraid to say that noone apart from one Mr Ben Cooper seems to think that Greg is capable (slight exaggeration alert).
  8. Haha. Fearne, ironically, is one of those women who are incredibly famous and fashionable (I don't want to get into a discussion on "attrative" ). I actually think that Radio 1 could do with a few more female DJs. And I mean, in the weekday daytime lineup, not somewhere at the end of the schedule. There used to be Whiley and Bowman, and Cox on weekend afternoons. Now, there will be Fearne, and that's it. Annie Mac, Edith, Sara, Gemma, Jameela, they are all on some almost-graveyard slots...
  9. Where did you see that? Last year, it's been reported all over the place (including reliable media) that Moyles signed a contract until 2014. (Mills, if this 3-year-rumour is true, will be signed until 2015)
  10. You explained Ben Cooper's reasoning perfectly well there, Mitchell. To me, it seems dead certain that Greg will get Breakfast by 2014 at the very latest. The thing is, though, I can't see him succeed. He may be a good presenter, but he's nowhere near as outstanding as Moyles is, or Mills, for that matter. Unless he will get a proper co-host - not a sidekick à la Dave, or on-air producers - he'll be a massive failure. Of course there is a time for Mills/Moyles to leave, but that time is when you have a capable replacement. I'm sure Ben Cooper believes Greg is capable. But I don't agree.
  11. the only good news is getting Gemma Cairney on Radio 1. She's well lively. (there may be some more good news, but it's all hidden behind the massive bad news)
  12. swapping champions league for league one. of course people notice that there is something wrong with that...
  13. If Cooper wants to freshen things up a bit, get someone new for early breakfast, put Greg on weekends or somewhere and find someone new for 1-4 as well. What Cooper is doing makes some sense, but Greg James simply isn't the future of Radio 1, no matter how hard he tries and now matter how much Cooper believes he is.
  14. tbh that's what Cooper is doing. Circumstances for Radio are getting more and more difficult by itself. Then there is Greg, who's just not up to it and will deliver a ratings disaster. I guess he and Cooper will be out by 2015 after having failed completely.
  15. Clear hint there that Greg James will be the next man on breakfast. Wondering whether Ben Copper seriously is unable to find someone better, because Greg is alright, but never in a thousand years will be be able to handle a breakfast show. I find him rather boring. Shame to see Scott being pulled away from drive. I assumed his ratings were rather good, so he doesn't really deserve being demoted. I sincerely hope that he finds a great opportunity for a career after Radio 1. Personally, I won't bother tuning in to Radio 1 often. Radio 1 without Moyles, Whiley and Mills on daytime won't be my cup of tea, so good riddance, I think, puts it quite well.
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