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  1. Is it odd I'm excited by the fact we're going properly late to the news?
  2. Surprised there weren't any additional Newsbeat updates today, but besides election/referendum results I can't think of a point in recent time when they've done more than the usual number of bulletins (in the case of elections they tend to start earlier). Saying that, I have a vague recollection of a Newsbeat update before Annie Mac's show at some point in history, but may have made this up!
  3. Fair play to him, Chris hit the News bang on in both of the intros he did though!
  4. Hello, first time poster here! At the moment I'm looking for the current Official Chart package, but I thought I'd introduce myself by way of sharing some music from the current Newsbeat package that was used for election coverage. It comes from the BallotBoxes game that Newsbeat did ahead of the election, and so I thought I'd post it here in case anyone didn't know it was there! Happy to trade for Chart stuff, I have a large library of primarily TV packages, like BBC News, Daybreak, BBC Global Newsbeat (as used on the World Service) and many others. Thanks! Election C.mp3
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