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  1. I'm now called newsbeat2, as I forgot my password!
  2. I've compiled a few,: 2005/6 (x2) 2007 -8 vo's 2009 (x14) Newsbeat V/O's/stagers (x17) And various FX's I'll be adding stuff to my V/o collection. Any V/O's would be appreciated, just send them to: [email protected], and I'll add them to my collection, then re-upload. BTW. does anyone know how to turn this Movie Maker file into a mp3 file? I know you'll have to lose the pictures,but oh well.
  3. Yeah, sorry about the delay. It dawned on me that I forgot my password! Reset it now, and shall send you several emails with the beds In case anyone wants these, here's a list of full packages I've got. If you want any of these, please let me know! FULL JAN 2008 BBC LONDON PACKAGE FULL SEP 2008 ABSOLUTE RADIO PACKAGE FULL JAN 2005 CHART SHOW PACKAGE FULL JUNE 2006 CHART SHOW PACKAGE FULL DEC 1999 NEWSBEAT PACKAGE FULL DEC 2006 NEWSBEAT PACKAGE FULL OCT 2007 NEWSBEAT PACKAGE FULL OCT 2008 NEWSBEAT PACKAGE-The OCT 07 pack has Jody on it the 08 one has Holly FULL JAN-DEC 2008 MOYLES PACKAGE (Quite a large package!) FULL MOYLES JAN 2009 PACKAGE WITH MARCH 2009 KILLIMANJARO FULL APR' 2008 GREG JAMES BEST BITS PACKAGE FULL AUG 06 MOVIE REVIEW PACKAGE FULL AUG 07 FLIRT DIVERT PACKAGE FULL APRIL 08, JUN 08,NOV 08,JAN-DEP 09 1TROS 2009 CHRIS MOYLES OPENING SONG Could I have some ones from the new male v/o, and some of Holly please!
  4. Is Hayles gonna be the new female V/O? I've not heard her before. She sounds great! Is it me, or are Radio 1 just picking out random people for V/O's They do that. I just heard that, and she sounds talented hayley sorry
  5. I don't suppose anyone has the 2002 package? Radio 1's Noise Fusion package is much better than X Gen
  6. I do like the 1tros, before it was news outs so you couldnt hear the start of a damn song anyway Have you heard their new FX's, it's getting worse and worse! http://www.wisebuddah.com/?p=page&id=326&refer= It's just a collection of noise!
  7. So would I. When she was doing V/O's for nick grimshaw's show, announcing a bed by saying 'Nick Grimshaw, BBC Radio 1', that was great. Have you heard Grimmy's male V/O? http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00m42fp/Nick_Grimshaw_20_08_2009/ Listen from about 11:02 Newly posted on Music4 today, are the July 1tros, not very many, and not that good. http://www.music4.com/musicservices/catalogue/615/bbc-radio-1/1tros-july-2009.html Music4 at their best here! Big Weekend Imaging http://www.music4.com/musicservices/catalogue/611/bbc-radio-1/big-weekend-themes.html Wonder what the new newsbeat jingles will sound like next year? A remix of the 2002 ones would be nice. I'm getting a bit bored of the current ones. Has anyone got a clean 2002 intro? If you have, can you pleas post it on the site thanks
  8. Has anyone got one of the beds he uses on his show. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00m42fp/Nick_Grimshaw_20_08_2009/ Anyone got the bed he uses from 11:03 onwards. Please reply thanks Love News at 10 past 10!
  9. BBC Radio Devon here. Anyway, I'm used to the new V/O now. Holly started in October, so she'll have to go soon
  10. http://www.wisebuddah.com/?p=page&id=326&refer= They compose all the drones. i can't get hold of them individually though IQ Beats did the chart show beds. http://www.iqbeats.com/index.cfm?showPackage=true&packageID=043_0
  11. i can imagine that! Does anyone have a clip of the bbc moyles jingles?
  12. i know moyles's jingles say 'BBC Radio 1' on the end of them. i heard that thismorning. bloody hell what have they done?
  13. I'm used to this now Probably 2004, with their news bed. I uploaded it onto youtube. Check out my youtube channel too. Anyway in 04, the news bed said 'BBC RADIO 1 , NEWSBEAT'. LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnDdGTu6aQw&feature=channel_page It's not Holly doing INMWT. They have a seperate male and female voiceovers for that. Do you mean the 2005 one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7Z4lGW0TkA&feature=related I liked her Or the 2004 one, although she only says radio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnDdGTu6aQw
  14. I've actually got used to it now. I agree with what someone else has said, and he does sound a bit gay. The imaging does sound too upbeat. Here's the headline bed



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