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  1. And Chris is getting better at talking just by himself. There's a nice difference between his first solo podcast and the last one. Also, can they just bring back Tap End, please? When Chris played the theme tune I almost welled up. Best feature up to date.
  2. Well, these are good features, tbf It's just weird to have the same thing both in the morning and afternoon. I reckon, Greg might not have listened to Grimmy when he came up with though. He invited Joe Lycett on his first show and they did it, it was good, so he invited Iain and Roisin to do it too. It developed in quite an organic way.
  3. Random songs too. Unless he really likes the usual R1 playlist. I'm not a fan of the Entertainment News, but I realise that there are people that enjoy them, so that's on me. Also his theme is terrible - again, not for me. The biggest issue for me is that his show sounds basically the same as his Breakfast Show. It's quite annoying, because his old show wasn't great to start with. And then the overall mood of an afternoon show should be different than a morning one. I do really think that he sounds much better. Maybe that's because he had more sleep or he's just well rested after his holidays, but he seems more engaged in the show. So I'm willing to give him a chance, but for now it's still quite mediocre (I know it's been only an hour).
  4. Just caught the bit of Scott and Chris's chat about which animal does Scott look like. Before Scott said what he thinks he looks like, I shouted: MEERKAT. Two conclusions: 1. He really does resemble a meerkat, who the hell texted that he looks like a wombat? 2. I'm really way too invested in that show and should get on with my life.
  5. Oh, sorry then. So Greg's kind of nicked his feature then?
  6. So him and Greg will now be sharing a feature (Celebrity Call Centre)? Erm...
  7. And he doesn't like to make fuss about himself in general. His birthdays are the perfect example, always shutting Chris up about them - or about the fact that he's ageing
  8. Well, according to his Wikipedia, he joined R1 on 12 October, so they still have some time.
  9. Did the idea die out? No updates from Scott or Chris.
  10. I really like the pure enthusiasm that Scott has for the Official Chart. I love listening to Greg, but you could just tell that he wasn't at his best doing it. And he didn't enjoy or want to do it, as he said in his interview with the Guardian (something in the lines of: when the chart became playing Ed Sheeran's new album he lost the will to do it). Scott on the other hand actually enjoys it, is obviously perfect at doing it and brings a guest each week to make the most of it. Obvious and probably unnecessary statement, but: he really is the best Radio DJ out there, who can make something good out of something rather boring.
  11. Well, you've got a point there. Still, Scott's podcasts are 30 minutes +, and I listen to them anyway. I think that 5-10 minutes format would be good to put on yt, not in a podcast form. And it would make more sense with more visual stuff - Red Arrows display or interviews. Oh yeah, it cannot come fast enough. I already miss the class act that is Chris Smith with the News. Although now we should probably say simply Chris Smith.
  12. Thanks Rick, I've missed that on Monday. And what a rubbish idea this is. It might have worked when he did one, long weekly podcast, not so much when it's daily. I can't be bothered to download them now, to be honest. Hopefully, they'll rethink it.
  13. Huh, Greg's podcast is now rather short, isn't it? The first Breakfast one was about 50 minutes, but the rest is just a joke, 5-11 minutes. Any ideas what's going on?
  14. Yes, the conversations and takeovers feel a bit forced. I wonder, whether Roisin will stay on Breakfast or maybe they'll bring someone else. I was hoping for Steffan Powell or Ben Mundy , to be fair. Nowhere near Chris Smith, but they both are also on the more 'engaging' side. Window weather is a nice idea. Although, I can't stop thinking how great it would sound with Chris Smith. EDIT: forgot that I've actually wanted to write about music not the news. Greg's really got an impact on what music he plays. Which is a nice change compared to Grimmy. You can really hear the difference. Obviously, he's limited to the playlist, but he still manages to squeeze in a couple of 'older' songs (older as in "Budapest" from 2014, "Green Light" from last year).
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