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  1. Monday 3rd May 7-9 Rickie, Melvin & Charlie 9-10 Club Charlie
  2. I think it's a cover schedule of the previous one posted not the current one.
  3. Monday 3rd May 7am Radio 1 Chillout Anthems (no presenter) 11am Radio 1 Chillout Anthems with Jess Iszatt 3pm Radio 1 Chillest Show with Sian Eleri
  4. You don't need to pay the licence fee to listen to any BBC radio station or use BBC Sounds- it is just included in the price. So they don't need to feel that aspect is worth it- it is free.
  5. Yeah do agree. I didn't get why they had Radio 4 on for hours- switched to Capital and they were handling it well with news every 30 minutes and through the night (nice to hear some throwback tunes on there since the axe of The Capital Throwback. Yeah it is. I don't get in my region (BBC Radio Newcastle) why at 6pm the presenter comes on to do Beat Surrender live (alternative classics show) then leaves at 8 for a repeat of the Thursday Introducing show. Sounds cheap.
  6. OJ is live on Radio 2 (well he was last night at least). Gemma might be live however Introducing isn't really an interactive show so I don't think she reads out any texts. Introducing on my local station goes out live on a Thursday night (I think?) but don't read any texts as I think it is also repeated on Saturday night.
  7. I do agree with you, but the BBC are held to a higher standard than commercial (heard about what happened when that newsreader for the death of the queen mother wore a burgundy tie). Capital have gone back to normal music though. The Anthem mixes would of been ditched as some of the songs might be found inappropriate and it is easier to ditch than search through it and add different songs in.
  8. Suggested something like this in the chatbox for sometime soon. Slots not on there stay the same. Weekdays* 10:30-1 Vick Hope 3:30-6 Jordan North 6-8 Clara Amfo 8-10 Nick Grimshaw & Annie Mac Friday-Sunday Rickie & Melvin replace Adele Roberts Katie Thistleton replaces Jordan North Annie Mac & Danny Howard swap slots Adele Roberts moves to the Sunday 4-7 slot (Surgery type show with Dr Rhada). First Look remains 6-7 *At first, Clara moves to The One Show to cover Alex Jones with Vick Hope taking the mid-morning slot and Katie
  9. After the death of the DofE, the schedule has slightly changed this weekend. Will update if any other changes. Today (Sat 10th) No Radio 1 Anthems. There will be no Today's Dance Anthems. Classic Dance Anthems will continue till 7pm. Tiffany Calver (but no Rap Show) Radio 1 Wind Down presents from 11pm Tomorrow (Sun 11th) Chillout Anthems has replaced Radio 1 Anthems. Radio 1's Chillest Show extended to 11pm
  10. If he is on during the week, it depends what the line-up will be when he goes to weekdays. If not then probably not.
  11. Monday 26th April Gemma Bradley co-hosts with Clara Amfo
  12. I think if this article is true it basically kind of confirms that Scott is being moved over to Radio 2. The article states that the presenters have got a reassurance that they will stay in London but the article doesn't state that they are all staying at Radio 1. So the Salford slot might be the slot Scott has vacated to move to Radio 2. Could be totally wrong but just a thought.
  13. Dev is also covering London Drive w/c 12th April as JK & Kelly Brook are on holiday.
  14. I would of thought if Charlie was going to be taken off she would of already been so they didn't need to have a remote connection.
  15. They already said in the proposed plans that the breakfast shows will still come from London.



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