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  1. Akylah Rodriguez is also hosting Best New Pop next Friday. Mollie King still on that weekend.
  2. Didn’t put Scott in as last time Xmas Day was a weekend he missed that year so based it off that.
  3. I'm going to put my guess in for the festive period: Mon 20-Thurs 23 December 4am One of the rotation presenters 7am Matt & Mollie (maybe just Matt?- been like that in previous years) 10:30am Adele Roberts 1pm Scott & Chris 3:30pm Arielle Free 6pm Jack Saunders 8pm Sian Eleri (Nels Hylton Thurs) XMAS Eve 7am Adele Roberts 10:30am Dean McCullough 1pm Katie Thistleton Chart- Scott Mills Then Danny, Sarah & Pete XMAS Day 7am-11am Dean McCullough 2pm-6pm Arielle Free or Katie Thistleton New Years Eve 5pm-9pm Arielle Free 9pm-1am Charlie Hedges
  4. Vicky Hawkesworth is co-hosting with Vick Hope on the 19th of September.
  5. From R1 article: The free tickets (note: standard booking fees apply) will be distributed to young people across the UK, with the help of The Prince’s Trust, UK Youth and Youth Music. A special selection of tickets will also be available to listeners via on-air competitions. Keep listening to Radio 1 to find out how to join the party. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2SgtRjzY8MD61ssrmF7397B/radio-1s-out-out-live-aj-tracey-joel-corry-sam-fender-griff-and-biffy-clyro-announced-for-brand-new-gig
  6. BBC Radio 1 is hosting a free party with live music to celebrate the return of the night out, with AJ Tracey, Joel Corry, Sam Fender, Griff and Biffy Clyro the first acts to be named. https://radiotoday.co.uk/2021/09/bbc-radio-1-is-going-out-out-with-live-music-party/
  7. Sam & Danni now doing Life Hacks.
  8. Sam & Danni in for Arielle next week (not Monday though as that is pre-recorded content)
  9. Sunday 15th August Vick Hope solo Friday 20th August 6-9pm Dance Party with Jax Jones Pete Tong starts at 9pm
  10. Should of been clearer. The evening schedule stays normal until RMC's last show on the 12th August. Then w/c 16th August YUNGBLUD will be on 6-9 and Jack Saunders will do 9-12.
  11. 12th August. Week 3 of Future Sounds guests is YUNGBLUD and is down for 6-9.
  12. Adele also now in for Clara on Tuesday. EDIT: Jordan says that Adele & Clara are co-hosting.
  13. also solo on the 3rd August.
  14. With the Across The UK stuff happening and Dean hosting from Salford, can't Radio 1 technically claim from September that they already fill the '1 key weekday daytime slot quota' as Dean will Friday mid-morning and that would be classed as a 'key weekday daytime slot'
  15. August cover presenters Olly Alexander, Charlie XCX, YUNGBLUD, Arlo Parks & Tom Grennan will host Future Sounds throughout August, starting with Olly on the 2nd August Jodie Harsh, Jax Jones, Eats Everything & Franky Wah will host Radio 1's Dance Party starting with Jodie on the 13th August.
  16. Sam & Danni in for Vick & Katie on Life Hacks.
  17. Nels Hylton in for Jack today.
  18. Rickie's last show is Thursday 29th July- it's just Melvin & Charlie 2nd-5th August.
  19. Sunday 1st August Victoria Jane sits in for Gemma Bradley Monday 2nd-Thursday 5th August 8pm Melvin & Charlie
  20. Sunday 18th July Victoria Jane sits in for Gemma Bradley
  21. She was replaced on Easter Sunday by Chillout Anthems but hosted Radio 1 Dance on Good Friday. Next week will be her first full week off since taking over Weekend Breakfast.
  22. Probably Katie or one of the Christmas presenters.
  23. Get rid of Adele. Also change the times of the schedule so RMC is 10-1, Scott is 1-4, Jordan & Vick 4-7, Clara 7-9, Jack 9-11 and Sian 11-Mid. At the weekend get Dean to host both of the Anthem mixes.
  24. It's on the Radio 1 Twitter account.
  25. With Friday. Dean is also presenting from Salford.
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